What Does Tempest Mean?

Tempest means a violent and intense storm. It is somewhat significant that The Tempest by Shakespeare opens up with the storm that carries the boat to the island. However, the detailed analysis of the plot and the characters reveals that the title is mainly related to the turmoil of emotions in the relationships.

The title usually allows the readers and the audience to create their first impressions about the literary piece. Sometimes, it is hardly related to the context. However, in this case, there is a special meaning to Shakespeare’s play. The Tempest is a play about a magician who fulfills his revenge plan by manipulating the guests on the island. There are a lot of plots, emotions, and magic entangled in the story. If you look up the meaning of the title, you will find that it is a definition of a violent storm. It doesn’t seem surprising since the first scene of the play describes a strong storm that leads to the royal party and ship crew land on the island.  

However, there is more to it. While that tempest is the reason for everyone to appear in the play’s setting, the title highlights another important aspect. First of all, it represents all the tense and turbulent feelings of the main characters. Shakespeare displays everyone’s ambitions and grudges coming from the past. Just like the storm, all that turns into a peaceful compromise at the end. Moreover, the storm may be a physical manifestation of Prospero’s anger. He has been so mad at his brother that he included this element in his revenge plan on purpose. 

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