Is The Tempest a Comedy or Tragedy?

Shakespeare’s The Tempest is generally considered a comedy. The plot is based on a series of misunderstandings that turn out to be comic by the end of the play. Moreover, no one dies, even though some of the characters get lost or upset. However, there are some small elements of the tragedy.

It may seem like The Tempest starts off as a tragedy. There is a strong storm that is powerful enough to destroy the boat. All the passengers are getting ready for the worst. When they find themselves on the island, it appears that some people are missing and even might be dead. Besides, throughout the play’s plot, some mysterious, scary things happen to the royal party. It is not hard to presume that the genre of The Tempest is a tragedy. However, there is more evidence suggesting that The Tempest is a comedy

First of all, despite all the threatening situations, none of the characters dies in the play. They may get scared, some of them are close to being murdered, but the story ends with a happy celebration of the marriage and no victims. All the misunderstandings that might seem tragic turn out to be comic by the end. Moreover, The Tempest features quite a number of funny scenes. Some of the most memorable ones involve Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban, drinking as they walk around the island. Finally, Prospero decides on forgiving his past enemies instead of unleashing all the revenge power. The characters then proceed to celebrate the union of love. All these aspects point out the fact that the play is a comedy with the elements of romance

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