Who Is Alonso in The Tempest?

Alonso is the king of Naples in the play. Together with the members of the royal party, he gets into the storm and ends up on an unknown island. It appears to be a pretty tragic occurrence since his son, Ferdinand, goes missing. By the end of the play, Alonso shows himself as a fair and kind ruler.

The first scene presented Alonso as the most crucial person in the whole play. The entire royal party is concerned about the safety of their king during the storm. As soon as he finds himself on the island, he falls into deep grief since his son, Ferdinand, is missing. The worst-case scenario is that he would be dead, but Alonso sets on a searching mission. Even the king’s counselor couldn’t cheer him up. It serves as evidence of Alonso’s kind and loving heart as a father. At the end of the play, he is finally reunited with Ferdinand and totally overjoyed. 

However, by that time, we find out some of the shady details from the past. It appears that Alonso carried some responsibility for what happened to Prospero and Miranda. The thing is that Antonio wouldn’t dare to betray and kick out Prospero without the king’s permission. However, Alonso admits his mistake and seems genuinely sorry for taking away Prospero’s dukedom. In addition, he accepts Ferdinand and Miranda’s marriage in a heartbeat, which highlights his sense of fairness and justice. Besides, it appears that the union can also be considered a political move. Therefore, as the king, he must have thought it through to find it acceptable. 

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