What Positive Quality Does Caliban Possess?

Caliban is the only islander found by Prospero and Miranda in the play. Even though he shows quite a negative attitude towards other characters throughout the whole story, there is something positive in him. Caliban loves his homeland, and he is ready to share all the knowledge he has about the island.

It seems like Caliban is the character who suffers the most in the play. Prospero and Miranda came and took away his land. The island initially belonged to Caliban’s mother, who was a witch. After her death, he was there alone, knowing no troubles. The foreigners decided that Caliban is some sort of a half-monster who needed to be civilized. It points out the typical colonizer’s behavior that leads to multiple issues and armed conflicts. Prospero has taken charge of the island, started giving Caliban language lessons, and forced him to be a servant in return. 

Naturally, after a while, Caliban realized that he was cheated and started seeking for revenge. Prospero has been treating him as a slave with no regard for his feelings. All that led the islander to become more aggressive and violent. His only wish is to be free and get his rightful land back. At the same time, such a strong desire opens up the path to analyzing the other side of the medal. Caliban is in love with his island. It is his only home, and it truly fascinates him. It appears that the guy is quite knowledgeable about the island. Whenever he talks about the place, it comes out very poetic. His readiness to share this knowledge is one of the genuinely positive qualities Caliban possesses. 

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