What Is a Major Difference in the Way That Caliban and Ariel Are Treated?

Caliban and Ariel live on the remote island which Prospero claimed and took under his control. Both characters of The Tempest have a similar fate since the magician forced them both to serve him. However, the significant difference between them is that Caliban is not treated as respectfully as Ariel. The reason is that people only see a savage in Caliban.

While doing a comparative analysis of Caliban and Ariel, it is essential to note that both of them had lived on the island way before even the first people arrived there. Caliban was most like satisfied with such circumstances. However, Prospero and his daughter needed shelter, so they decided to proclaim the land their new home. The magician perceives Caliban as a savage who needs to be educated and civilized. Therefore, there is nothing but disrespect, humiliation, and mistreat towards him. Ariel, on the other hand, appears to be a powerful spirit. Even though Prospero gives him orders, it looks like their relationship are much more humane.

Such a difference becomes even more apparent when other characters appear on the island. The first few people who meet Caliban immediately start planning how they can use him. Others are just afraid or treat him with disgust. The reason is that Caliban has a specific appearance and has worn-out clothes making him look like a half-monster. Meanwhile, Ariel only shows up as a powerful spirit which forces the royal party to keep a respectful distance from him. No one wants to deal with a magical creature, but they still treat him with more dignity than Caliban.

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