Which of Prospero’s Actions Most Clearly Indicates That He Is Manipulative?

There seem to be too many things that Prospero does, showing how manipulative he is. The character possessing such a power uses it to alter the events in the play and force others to obey. However, one of his actions shows it most clearly. Prospero uses magic to put his daughter, Miranda, to sleep while he attends to other issues.

Prospero is the main character of The Tempest. Banished from his own city of Milan, he was forced to take his daughter and sail away to the unknown. Upon the arrival to the remote island, he started applying magic to gain control over it and its inhabitants. Prospero uses the magic books for that purpose. Besides, he manages to bind a powerful spirit, Ariel, with the promise to serve him. Caliban, the only local on the island, also suffers from Prospero’s manipulations. The magician treats him as a slave and often mistreats him. 

As a part of his revenge plan, Prospero uses magic to create the storm and manipulate the other characters to set it all up as he needs. He is even compared to the screenwriter sometimes as he alters the events to his wish and moves around the characters as pawns. Fortunately, he only uses what may be perceived as “white” magic since no one gets injured. Most of the time, Prospero achieves his goals by setting up harmless illusions. However, there is something that most clearly indicates how manipulative he is. Prospero puts his daughter to sleep every time she is on his way, and he needs to address other issues. 

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