What Interpretation of The Tempest Was the Same in Both the Utah Valley University and Balinese Productions?

In both the Utah Valley University and Balinese productions, several characters from the play are pictured very similarly. The interpretations of Prospero, Caliban, and Ariel appear to be the same in both perceptions. The main character is shown as a powerful magician who made the islander and the spirit his servants.

It is not surprising that different productions would have distinct perspectives on how the play should be shown. The Utah Valley University and Balinese versions may have some differences, but there are a few things that both preferred to stick to. Since the audience perceives the events of the play through them, it is essential to set the right impression. Both productions have the same approaches to portraying Prospero, Caliban, and Ariel. The main character is shown as a magician who has the ultimate power over the events on the island and the people there. Even though he does not hurt anyone, he manipulated them through multiple illusions.

Prospero takes over the island as the person in power and makes the only local person there his servant. Both productions chose to highlight the islander’s monstrosity. Caliban may not be an absolute beast, but his clothes, appearance, and behavior contribute to a wrongful impression. In fact, Prospero’s unfair treatment of him also encourages Caliban’s hostile conduct. However, it not the only time when the magician abused his position. Prospero freed the spirit trapped on the island and immediately forced him to obey in return. Ariel has to fulfill any Prospero’s task to finally become free. One of the features shown similarly in both the Utah Valley University and Balinese productions is that the spirit’s way of moving around is rather graceful.

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