A conclusion of a research paper seems to be one of the most difficult parts of the work. The writer doesn't have anything left to say to the reader. Moreover, the writer's at a loss - why on earth (s)he should repeat everything again?!

The thing is that a research papers conclusion is not a mere repetition of the information presented, it's a general outline, a brief overview of the most important points of the field studied.

If you think that the conclusion of a research paper is of no particular importance, please, consider the following functions a strong conclusion fulfills:

  • stresses the importance of the thesis statement;
  • gives your work a sense of completeness; and
  • impresses your reader.

How to Write a Research Paper Conclusion

  • echo your introduction
  • restate your thesis statement, making it more and more general
  • recapitulate your major ideas
  • explain your reader why your paper is meaningful
  • show the results of your work
  • make the reader think of your topic's importance
  • challenge the reader by posing a question
  • write a warning or hypothesis
  • introduce a relevant quote
  • tell an appropriate anecdote

Note that the form of your research paper conclusion depends greatly on what precedes it, it's a constituent part of the whole paper without which it looks unfinished.

And one more thing. They say a conclusion of a research paper should be its best part. Try to prove this idea!

Research paper is not the most difficult academic assignment; and still, it does take a lot of time!

With these guidelines, you will definitely succeed – so try and make use of them! Whenever you use these tips, remember that these are the recommendations of real professionals. Your victory is just around the corner – all you have to do is to reach out and grab it!

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