college essayIn high school you probably were an expert in writing five-paragraph essays, got straight A’s, and were proud of yourself. However, as soon as you got to college, your brilliant writing turned out to be unsatisfactory. If you are feeling confused about your college essays writing,  papers you need to know.

A five-paragraph essay is a standard form of writing in any school. It means that you can fit all you ideas into five paragraphs, only three of which are to the point, and still be successful in class. This type of an custom essay paper also has its certain inner structure that guides you directly to the end. College essays are much trickier.

First of all, they give more credits to strong, not vague, arguments. A college argument is a complex set of statements arranged logically. By a complex system a duo of claim and evidence is meant. By the way, there can (and must) be more than just one supportive fact to any claim made in a college essay paper.

The argument also has to be more of a provocative one, no matter what type of a custom essay paper you are completing. Readers have to analyze it, as well as get information. They also need to get a feeling like they just have to give their response to it. Convince your audience that there is more than 80% of truth in your statement. Even if that’s not what you want to do, try to make your custom essay papers (which is a monologue by a description) look more like a conversation, in which both you and your reader are looking for a right decision.

By doing so, you show your tutor/professor that college practice of collecting, evaluating, and responding to obtained materials is a common thing for you, and you can handle it easily. And, which is more important, you cooperate with it successfully.

When mastering the arguments, please, do not forget about the point you are making. Here’s a second difference between five-paragraphs and college essays. In the first case, a point is something that has to be stated in a specific sentence. It needs to be clearly seen. But what satisfies the high school teacher is not enough for a professor. Your skillfulness in college essay papers is shown when you don’t say specifically what your point is, but it is clear from the context what you are saying. Make your readers see the main idea between the lines. Don’t fall into too much conspiracy, though. A lot of professors admit that they don’t like to take wild guesses, and just lower the grades if they don’t grasp the main idea. A little practice and drafting will be helpful here.

Third basic distinction is in structure. Custom College essays are usually longer than five paragraphs. The paragraphs themselves can, and must be more than eight sentences long.

College essays usually have more instructions and requirements to fulfill. And, of course, no childish college essay topics like “My Family and I”, unless you are writing a persuasive essay in which you describe yourself and your family members as the only people on Earth who can stop terrorism, and give killing arguments on it. College essay topic should be deeper.

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  • Jessica Cat Posted:

    A high school essay is not the same as a college essay. It is much harder, with more profound research and mature ideas… Thanks for the main peculiarities and differences of these two types of work.

  • William Ray Posted:

    Thanks for showing the difference between a college essay and a high school essay:)) Nice ideas to use when writing essays and ones to avoid using at all. Thanks for sharing them!