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In case you’re looking for free essays to check and get inspired, this short StudyKraken review will be of great help to you.

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➡️ Introduction to Study Kraken

Ever failed to analyze or research a topic? Don’t worry: we all did. General fatigue, an inability to grasp a concept, or the lack of motivation to investigate challenging issues are common struggles every student has to face at least once. And suppose you’re among those who continue their academic careers post-graduation. In that case, the number of times you couldn’t find exemplary materials is likely drastically higher.

The more you study, the more academically knowledgeable you become; yet, the more problems occur. Your topics of choice become narrower and trickier to explain, let alone examine. Even a high school student can get an assignment with such a controversial or unusual idea that writing a persuasive paper on it will require lots of patience and research.

That is to say, it is okay to seek help. Especially when it’s available and free of charge.

On this page, you’ll see a StudyKraken review. With 100% free essays provided, the website will let you complete any challenging paper. It will also add time to your schedule for leisure activities.

🦑 What Is StudyKraken?

Study Kraken is a comprehensive database offering free essays for students and other researchers who may need inspiration or ideas.

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StudyKraken's main page.

Of course, in the Study Kraken review, we can’t avoid specifying that all the academic works available on the website are copyrighted materials. Their ownership belongs to their respective authors – students who offered their essays, theses, dissertation, etc. – and the organization that founded the database. In other words, you can’t take these papers from and submit them as your own. It is considered plagiarism and leads to severe consequences in any academic institution.

However, you are welcome to read any paper for free, without registration. There is a variety of samples on different subjects and study levels. The chances of finding something you need are quite high. Yet, you may have some questions about the database:

Is StudyKraken Reliable?

Yes. You can see how to use the website and what to expect from it on the Terms and Conditions page. At the moment, the StudyKraken database isn’t as vast as the creators want it to be. They will add more free examples on various subjects and topics soon.

Is StudyKraken Legit?

It is! Even though the website is free to use, we didn’t stumble upon any distracting ads or pop-ups. Besides, there are no ulterior motives apart from helping students complete their homework with a successful example at hand. We’ve checked quite a few 100% free essays on StudyKraken to assure you that they are pretty good.

The editors of StudyKraken review and revise each sample.

Is StudyKraken Safe?

Absolutely. We’ve especially appreciated transparency when researching the website for this review. No personally identifiable data will be stored unless the website requires it to contact you again. Even in this case, you can request customer support to delete all your records.

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Is StudyKraken a Scam?

No, we believe it’s not. The database doesn’t hide any information from its visitors and collects nothing but cookies. If you decide to share your personal information with StudyKraken, it won’t be sold to third parties or published anywhere. In addition, the database allows anyone to submit their own essay, which may be displayed on the website.

🌊 StudyKraken: Pros & Cons

Pros and cons of StudyKraken.

🐬 Customer Service

If you have other questions about the database, you can reach its 24/7 customer support. We’ve already mentioned it a few times in the previous sections of our Study Kraken review, and for a good reason.

When our team had a question in mind, we communicated with this customer support. They helped us collect all the necessary information in no time, kindly guiding us to every useful section and page. So, kudos to them!

StudyKraken's contact page.

There are four ways to reach the StudyKraken customer support:

  1. You can send a message by filling out the form. For that, go to the Contact page. It is arguably the fastest way to get a response. Such messages are highly prioritized on Study Kraken. The form doesn’t require registration, although you have to leave your email address.
  2. If you have a long list of questions, send them an email. You can communicate with customer support via any service provider you prefer. Just find their email at the bottom of the page and prepare all the suggestions or questions you have.
  3. You can interact with customer support when donating a paper to the database. As we’ve stated, you can submit your already graded and highly praised piece. Before the website’s editors check it for plagiarism and mistakes, customer support will see your work and message. So, head to Donate a Paper and add some questions to your submission!
  4. Since you can send your academic paper, you can also request its removal. Found your essay published by accident or without your knowledge? Simply don’t want your work to appear on the website anymore? Fill out the Removal Request. Your paper will be withdrawn from Study Kraken within a few days.

🤿️ How to Use StudyKraken: Read & Cite

Our StudyKraken review wouldn’t have been complete without a piece of advice on using the service. Here is what you can do on StudyKraken:

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✔️Check StudyKraken to get inspired and motivated to write.
✔️Get your excellent essay displayed on the website.
✔️Scan different works for research purposes.
✔️Find arguments and examples for your academic papers.

Let’s dive deeper into your options here.

How to Browse Study Kraken

If you want to look through the collection of works for inspiration, motivation, or research, you can approach the task in three ways:

  1. Search directly. Simply type your request, subject, or topic of interest in the field on the main page and click Search. Keep in mind that the amount of StudyKraken free essays for students is pretty huge. To find exactly what you’re searching for, you’ll have to know what keywords to type in.
  2. Select a topic. On the main page, scroll to the Most Searched Topics and pick the one you are studying. Unfortunately, you can choose only one at a time. Also, there aren’t enough options to cover every class you have. In that case, try typing your subject of interest into the search field.
  3. Go through the samples. This method is perfect for those who need fresh ideas to write a paper. Scroll down the main page and stop at the Recent Essay Samples section. Here, you’ll see various academic pieces that can become a great source of inspiration. Pay attention to the word count and subject displayed under each sample.
StudyKraken's sections for searching.

How to Cite Study Kraken

As you must’ve learned by now, you cann’t submit any content from as your own. However, you can use it as a source for your paper.

Have you read an argument that you would be glad to provide in your argumentative essay? Or a sentence that is worthy of quoting? Cite them!

For that purpose, the creators of StudyKraken added a citation tool at the bottom of each paper sample. Here is how you use it:

🎬 Determine what passage you want to cite in your paper.If it’s just a sentence or phrase, you can copy and paste it into your work directly. Don’t forget to put quotation marks around the fragment. Yet, if the excerpt is longer than a line, you should summarize and paraphrase it before adding it to your paper.
👇 Scroll down to the Cite This Paper section.It is the automatic tool that we’ve mentioned. It will do the trickiest part: create an accurate reference. So, check the style guidelines and pick the format you need.
🆗 Copy a generated reference by clicking the button.Now you can provide it in your paper’s bibliography. If you haven’t found the required reference style, choose the similar one and rework it. It’s easier to make adjustments to the existing source than write it from scratch.
🔍 Lastly, compare the required edition to the tool’s one.The citation instrument displays the most in-demand referencing styles. So, if your school guidelines require you to implement an MLA-7th edition, the provided MLA-8 format won’t be satisfactory. Thus, before submitting the paper to your professor, check the reference guide and revise your sources if necessary.

➡️ Conclusion

There is only one way to conclude our review, and it’s with our recommendation to check the database. Of course, it isn’t perfect: the searching system can be confusing, the lack of formatting examples is evident, and finding a sample on two or more subjects at once can be challenging. However, we can’t help but like it.

StudyKraken has a friendly interface that doesn’t become tiresome or distractive. Its number of free essays and research papers has exceeded our expectations. The academic works’ quality is impressive as well. Plus, we really enjoyed communicating with its customer support! They were eager to help us, even though we never once mentioned writing a StudyKraken review.

Anyway, check the website, search for a sample, and see how you like it!

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