Where Does A Doll’s House Take Place?

The setting of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is not totally clarified. It is only said that the play takes place in some city or town in Norway. Moreover, everything happens at Helmer’s house. There is a reason why the place is described so generally. Such a trick prevents the audience all around the world from distracting.

Even though the audience knows the play takes place in Norway, the exact location is not revealed. We can only assume that it happens in some small city or town. However, since Ibsen was originally from Norway, there is no doubt it’s the setting. Throughout the whole play, the main characters stay inside Helmer’s house. It is described as being tastefully furnished but without excess. Therefore, we can conclude that Torvald and his family live like an average middle-class family. The author did it on purpose so that the audience will pay attention to the deep meaning and its ideas wherever in the world the play is seen. The fact that anyone recognizes this setting helps people to identify themselves with it.

Another aspect to discuss the place is how it fits the title of the play. Ibsen created the setting that reflects the main idea of A Doll’s House. The Helmer’s household is always kept clean, neat, simple, but elegant. It makes it perfect for a comfortable stay for the guests. Moreover, Nora is kept there like a pretty doll that Torvald enjoys playing. She is not a prisoner there, but we can’t call her a family member equal to Torvald.

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