How Does A Doll’s House End?

A Doll’s House ending was considered somewhat scandalous back in the Victorian age. At the time, when women were supposed to be obedient wives and take care of the family, Nora’s decision to leave everything behind was not exactly socially acceptable. She chose independence and the path to self-discovery over her family despite her husband’s despair.

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Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is about a seemingly happy middle-class family. However, realism used to create the play points at the obvious issues that anyone might face. At first, the Helmers pretend to be in love and prosperity. Nora, Torvald’s wife, spends money on Christmas presents for everyone, even though her husband tells her to go easy on expenses. She is considered irresponsible and carefree by almost every character in the play. However, the audience finds out that Nora has a secret. A while ago, she borrowed a large sum from Krogstad to pay for Torvald’s treatment. No one knows about it, but Nora is so proud of herself for being so intelligent and capable that she tells Mrs. Linde everything.  

Even though the situation seems to be under control, Nora becomes trapped quite quickly. Krogstad blackmails her to get a bank job and threatens to reveal her secret. The woman is not worried about the fact that her actions were illegal, but she is more concerned about Torvald’s reaction. Nora hopes that Torvald will be understanding and forgiving. However, when he finds out, the only thing he cares about is his reputation. After that, Nora realizes that she lived a fake life with him. To find herself and gain the independence and acknowledgment she was seeking, she must leave. Therefore, Nora abandons her husband and children. 

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