What genre is A Doll’s House?

A Doll’s House is considered to be a drama. Ibsen presented it in the limits of one family. However, this issue concerns many people. At the same time, the play is also tragic, even though no character is shown dying. A Doll’s House introduces a conflict between an individual and society.

Ibsen’s masterpiece is usually categorized as a drama. However, it is not only because it’s a play. It is a family type of drama. At first, the Helmers are shown as a happy and loving couple with kids. However, the audience is quick to realize that something is not right in their household. The illusion of perfection in their lives soon disappears. We can watch the family destroying itself due to the secrecy and demanding social rules. 

Moreover, instead of following the typical structure of tragedy, Ibsen chose a different route. If society was presented as something positive in earlier versions, this tragedy portrays it as the destroyer of lives. The main character, Nora, is trapped by imposed rules regarding gender roles. There is no way for her to express her personality and be more independent. At the end of A Doll’s House, Nora has to leave her husband and children to get free. Therefore, the play describes the conflict between an individual and a corrupt society. In addition, there is another aspect to consider. Ibsen created this play as a realistic one. In fact, it was setting a foundation for the further development of realism as a genre. The picture of an average life of a middle-class Norwegian family dealing with its issues and the lack of exaggerated moments make the play falls under the criteria. 

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