What Is Nora’s Secret in A Doll’s House?

Nora is the main character of the play, and we get to find out about her secret when Mrs. Linde comes to have a chat with her. It appears that Nora borrowed a large sum of money from Krogstad to pay for the trip to Italy. It was the only chance to help Torvald improve his health.

Nora appears on the scene as a carefree and naĂŻve housewife who is quite irresponsible with money. Her husband, Torvald, gives her some allowance but warns her not to spend too much, even though he recently got a promotion. When her old friend, Mrs. Linde, arrives, they exchange all the details about their lives for catching up. At first, Nora hesitates, but soon enough, she decides to reveal her secret as they were talking about Torvald’s illness. Not without pride, the woman says that she managed to raise enough money for their trip to Italy. It was the only place where her husband could get better. Mrs. Linde has trouble believing that Nora could find so many funds so easily. 

Therefore, Nora opens up about the loan she took from someone. Now, she puts away all her pocket money for monthly payments. Mrs. Linde as a woman with somewhat more traditional views on marriage disapproves of such a decision. She doesn’t think that managing financial operations behind Torvald’s back was a brilliant idea. Meanwhile, Nora is not bothered at all, and it even makes her feel more independent and sophisticated. However, her secret turns out to be a threat to her family, and her attitude changes rather quickly. 

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