When Was A Doll’s House Written?

Henrik Ibsen wrote A Doll’s House in 1879. The same year the play was published and performed for the first time. It appeared to be a pretty revolutionary piece, from the perspective of both the perspective and genre. Ibsen’s play started up a trend for realistic writing. However, it wasn’t in favor of the social norms prevailing at the time.

After writing and publishing several successful dramas, Ibsen had already had a pretty good reputation. In 1879, he created another masterpiece, A Doll’s House. Even though it is a play, the author wrote it in prose. Moreover, it is recognized as a starting point of the development of a new literary type that soon became famous as realism. There are little to no idealized elements in A Doll’s House, as life is meant to be portrayed as realistic and raw as possible. Ibsen follows the drama structures, writing about ordinary and unexceptional people in prose at the same time.

Apart from that, historical context also matters. A Doll’s House was written at a time when women had to follow quite strict social rules and even laws. The safest thing for them was to get married since there were no other chances to receive at least some financial support. However, some women were choosing to remain single to keep their business and keep financial independence. Therefore, the theme of gender roles and freedom that Ibsen raises in the play were quite relevant. Besides, he wasn’t only concerned about women but human rights in general.

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