What Is the Setting of A Doll’s House?

The play is set in some random Norwegian town in the Victorian age. No details are describing the exact location and time of the events. However, even that little information about the setting can give you some insight into Ibsen’s style and intentions. It appears to be vaguely described on purpose.

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Since Ibsen was from Norway, it would be fair to say that the play takes place in a Norwegian city or town. There are no details about the exact location. However, the author gives a generic description of the Helmers’ house where all the events take place. It appears to be a typical middle-class stylish but not too fancy interior. This way, the audience could quickly connect and relate to the characters no matter which country the play was performed. Moreover, the whole attention goes into soaking into the central ideas of A Doll’s House with the lack of imagery details. 

Everything happens during the Victorian era. It is closely interconnected with the central theme of the play. Back then, equality was an issue bothering all women. They weren’t allowed to deal with money whatsoever, and many other rights were severely restricted. Basically, Nora’s character is an excellent representation of how women were treated as less than individuals. Ibsen felt strongly about gender roles, and this play shows how bad the situation was at the time. In A Doll’s House, Nora is forced to go against social norms and leave her family just to get an opportunity to find herself and be free. Such an ending contributed to the play seen as scandalous and unacceptable in the Victorian age. 

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