long essayAre you sure you know what writing long essays is all about? Actually, it is not only about making long paragraphs in your paper if this is what you think. It also does not mean that if you are good at writing short essays and can prepare one in 30 minutes, you will be the same successful in writing a long essay.
In fact, some teachers mean a term or research paper when assigning a long essay. Hope you feel the difference between making a simple essay and a research paper.
If you need more details about writing long essays, let us present you several essential facts.
Fact 1
It is not hard to guess that preparing a good long essay requires more time than writing a typical 300-word essay. Thus, start as early as possible.
Fact 2
Carefully check all requirements for the long essay provided by your teacher. Particularly, pay attention to how long the paper should actually be. For instance, should it be a 1500-word essay or a paper that is less or exceeds this limit?
Fact 3
Research the topic of your long essay. Hardly will you be able to meet the necessary word limit if you have nothing to talk about. General facts will not work as well.
Therefore, check how many sources the teacher wants you to use when preparing your long essay, read them, and make notes. Do not forget about references in long essays. Here, you can learn how to find necessary essay materials.
Fact 4
If you are an experienced essay writer, most probably you do not make outlines for your short essays. However, it is better not to skip this stage if you are assigned long essays. Planning will make your writing well organized, easy to read and understand.

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