Who Wrote Candide?

François Marie Arouet is the name given to the famous writer at baptism, and Voltaire is a pseudonym. He was born in 1694 in Paris, in the family of a poor but intelligent official. The father ensured good education for his son, but the future philosopher was not impressed with the Jesuit College. The prospect of a legal career did not inspire him either. He decided to take up literature.

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Candide is one of the most prominent writings of the Enlightenment and Voltaire’s signature book. He wrote the novella when he was 64. What was his life before that? 

Voltaire started his career at the palaces of aristocratic families as a poet. Young nobles often beat him for his freethinking. Then he was put behind bars in the Bastille for satire poems about the regent’s family.

In 1726, the philosopher left for England, where he lived for three years, studying the culture and politics of the country. Upon his return to France, he tries to publish a book about his life in England. The publisher of the book was seized and thrown into the Bastille. Voltaire had to hide in Lorraine for 15 years.

Voltaire could not feel safe in France. He left for Germany and then, in 1751, for Switzerland. There the writer became a rich man. He was no longer afraid to express his opinion since half of the aristocracy indebted him.

Intelligent people from all over the world started visiting Voltaire in Fern. Many of them were proud of their friendship with the enlightened writer. In 1778, after the death of Louis 15, Voltaire could return to Paris. He was 83.

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Voltaire worked as the director of the Paris Academy and edited the academic vocabulary. Meanwhile, his illness progressed. Cancer took Voltaire’s life on May 30, 1778.

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