What Was Unusual about the Way Beowulf Fought Grendel?

When the night came, and Beowulf was getting ready for the battle, he took off all of his armor. He also put away the sword to fight Grendel barehanded. He motivated it by the fact that the monster was unarmed, so that they would be equal. Besides, Beowulf relied on fate, which would “unwind as it must.

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In his fight with Grendel, Beowulf used no weapons, armor, or assistance from other people. To understand his seeming recklessness, we shall explore the action development. 

Grendel burst into the mead hall, tearing the door from its hinges. This detail showed his superhuman strength and anger. Then he devoured a Geatish warrior. When Grendel tried to catch Beowulf, the hero clutched his paw in his fist. Beowulf’s strength astonished the monster. So, Grendel decided to run away to the swamplands. But his attempt to escape failed. Beowulf wrestled him, and they fought all around the hall, smashing the furniture. Grendel screamed in pain and fear. Beowulf’s men tried to help him kill the monster, but no weapon on earth could harm Grendel.

Then Beowulf used even greater strength and ripped Grendel’s arm completely. It was a fatal wound that killed Grendel on his return to the swampland.

Beowulf did not use any weapon because it was a question of honor. How could he hold a sword when his enemy came barehanded? Heroic code of conduct requires warriors to fight on equal terms. Moreover, the sword was useless in the battle, so it would only limit Beowulf’s movements. It was a wise and ethical choice that reflects credit on the hero.

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