What Is The Song of Roland?

The Song of Roland, or La Chanson de Roland in French, is one of the most famous epic poems. Moreover, at the time it was created around 1100, it appeared to be the first and even the best of its genre. A Norman poet, Turold, presumably wrote the poem, but there are a lot of contradictions on this question.

The author created this poem as the first of its kind. Chansons de Geste is the name of the genre, and it is all about the great victories of the great heroes. The Song of Roland is considered to be the best example of such epic poems. However, it is hard to tell how it initially looked like. At first, it was spread around the lands by jongleurs who sang it to entertain the crowds. Later, it was written down and translated. Therefore, some of its meaning was lost forever.  

The poem is filled with portrayals of the brave knights, Christian deeds, and relationship issues. It is based on a real historical event, the Battle of Roncevaux Pass. However, the rest of the plot is simply made up. One of the main themes is religion, and it is so significant that it might seem like the author was promoting the Crusades. Still, other topics of this poem are as worthy of attention as Christianity. Roland, who is the main heroic character, amazes everyone with his loyalty, chivalry, and endless ambitions, despite having some flaws. All in all, The Song of Roland is an epic poem about the battle between the Saracens and the French and the role of one brave knight in it. 

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