The Song of Roland Essay Questions & Topics

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🏆 The Song of Roland Essay Questions

  1. Is Roland a true hero?
  2. When was The Song of Roland written and what is the poem’s historical context?
  3. What is The Song of Roland’s genre?
  4. In The Song of Roland, why are the Saracens able to ambush Roland’s army?
  5. What leads to Roland’s death in The Song of Roland?
  6. Who is Ganelon in The Song of Roland and what is his role in the poem?
  7. What is the theme in The Song of Roland?
  8. Who is Alda in The Song of Roland and what role does she play?
  9. What is The Song of Roland symbolism?
  10. What role does religion play in The Song of Roland?

💡 The Song of Roland Essay Topics with Prompts

Below you can find a selection of top-10 The Song of Roland essay topics, as well as prompts to prepare for an in-class discussion or coursework.

  1. Analyze loyalty as the central theme of the poem. This simple analysis essay about The Song of Roland is an excellent chance for you to present your point of view on such an important topic. Mention the most trusting relationship of the poem and the most significant betrayal. Analyze it from a modern perspective. 
  2. Compare The Iliad and The Song of Roland. The two epic poems can be compared in different aspects. Both poems are famous long texts on the topic of heroism. Your job is to gather and present all the contrasts and similarities of The Iliad and The Song of Roland in the essay. 
  3. Discuss the effect of the narrator on the poem’s perception. Try to analyze the narrative voice of The Song of Roland. First of all, this poem was meant to be read aloud. Then, look into how the author puts the story and what feelings are involved. How do you think it affects the overall perception of the poem? 
  4. What is the role of the supernatural in the poem? There are some elements of supernatural occurrences and even simple miracles in The Song of Roland. Mostly they are related to religion. Write an essay on this topic, mentioning the most significant examples and explaining such elements’ function in the poem. 
  5. Explore the topic of chivalry in The Song of Roland. Since it is a heroic poem, there has to be the leading warrior who the whole story is about. The topic of loyalty and chivalry is one of the main ones there. Identify those characteristics that are vital for the knight to be called a role model.  
  6. Explain the meaning of the gloves in the poem. Among the most significant symbols in The Song of Roland, there are the gloves. Do not forget that their meaning is related to historical context. Track down the moments when this symbol appears and discuss its role in those specific situations. 
  7. Analyze the trial of Ganelon from the historical perspective. Ganelon has to go through a trial at the end of the poem, which is meant to decide his fate. How does the whole system look like? How do people perceive justice? Try to think about how this description is linked to medieval moral values
  8. Who is the antagonist in the poem? It is not hard to point out the protagonist and all the heroic characters in the novel. Those are usually Christians, so the antagonist should be of another religion. However, there is a trick. Analyze Ganelon’s behavior, his betrayal, and how it makes him a bad guy. 
  9. The Franks vs. the Saracens: what are their views on religion? In this contrast and compare type of essay, you should analyze how those two sides see God and their religious view in general. Since religion is one of the main themes of the poem, it should be relatively easy to find quotes to support your arguments as well. 
  10. How are war and religion connected in The Song of Roland? It is a very vast topic for discussion. You can begin with some historical background and mention the Crusades. Moreover, one of the great examples to include would be the attitude of the Saracens to their gods when they saw their king defeated.  

📝 The Song of Roland Essay Examples

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