The Necklace: Essay Topics and Samples

Writing an essay can be a challenge, even from the very beginning. Coming up with an eye-catching and exciting idea might be a bit of a process. Therefore, we have prepared a list of topics on The Necklace to choose from. Also, you can find essay samples and take a look at them!

Essay Topics

  1. Explore the examples of personification in The Necklace.
    Define this figurative language technique and how the author uses it in the story. Why did the author use this one? Provide examples of the personification from the text. Write down full quotes where it reveals itself.
  2. What are the examples of irony and foreshadowing in The Necklace?
    Define the foreshadowing and irony. Why does the author use both of these techniques? What kind of irony is used in the story? Provide examples and foreshadowing in full sentences, as used in the original text. Explain each example.
  3. Do you think Madame Loisel is responsible for her downfall? Why/why not?
    Write an opinion paper that will focus on whether Madame Loisel is responsible for the tragedy. State arguments and support them with quotes from the text.
  4. What are the examples of alliteration in The Necklace?
    What is alliteration? What author is trying to demonstrate and emphasize in the story? Give examples of sentences in which alliteration is used. Explore each example.
  5. Essential themes in The Necklace.
    Write an essay about class conflict, appearance and reality, and generosity and greed. What are the examples of each theme? Provide direct quotes from the text. Mention the examples of symbolism: the diamond necklace and the mirror.
  6. In your opinion, why was Madame Loisel not satisfied with her life?
    Write a reflection paper that will focus on why Mathilde was unhappy with her life at the beginning of the short story. Share your opinion on whether you think M. Loisel was more satisfied with their life later. Why/why not?
  7. What is the conclusion of The Necklace?
    How did Madame Forestier react to Mathilde’s story about the changed necklace? Was the ending ironic? What is the general moral of the story? Explore The Necklace and give answers to these questions.
  8. What were efforts made to return the necklace to the owner?
    Describe in your own words what the Loisels took actions to return the necklace. The essay should include two things: the process of replacing the jewels and the period after. Include the information on how the life of Loisels changes when they return the brand new necklace to the owner.
  9. Do you think the story ended in the right way? What could have Loisels done differently to avoid the ten-year-long poverty?
    Write an opinion essay about whether or not the story ended in the right way. If yes, provide arguments to support that the story ended correctly. If not, suggest what would be the better ending for the story.

Essay Samples

In this section, you can find essay samples and short descriptions. Take a look at those, get inspired, and create your own!

  1. Character Portrayal: “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant
    Guy de Maupassant tells Mathilde’s story, who dreams of wealth and status but is trapped in poverty and a humble background. The paper provides Mathilde’s character’s roundness by describing her personality, motivations, and relationships. You’ll see essential conflicts and how the characters change. Mathilde is suggested to be a perfect person to convey a message about greed and vanity based on the described information.
  2. Metamorphosis and the Necklace
    Melancholy is a long-term negative feeling that can have some negative consequences. The present essay compares and contrasts The Necklace with Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Both literary works show the connection between melancholy and death. However, both pieces interpret death due to melancholy differently.
  3. Irony in The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant
    Guy de Maupassant builds The Necklace on irony. In particular, the author uses four types: dramatic, situational, verbal, and structural irony. Sounds interesting? Check the essay to learn more about humor in the story.
  4. The Role on Women as Portrayed in The Necklace
    The Necklace reflects real life in 19th-century France. Besides, it shows the place of a woman in a social hierarchy at that time. In this essay, you’ll see what female characters of The Necklace and their behavior tell us about the period.
  5. Modern Fairy Tale: How The Necklace Tricks the Reader
    The distinctive features of Guy De Maupassant’s writing style make his story The Necklace unique and full of unveiled tricks. Reading this essay can help you to discover them. Plus, learn about the symbolism and the hidden context of the story.
  6. Character Analysis of Madame Loisel
    Mathilde Loisel is the central character of The Necklace. She is the woman of inner contradictions and controversies. She desires to live an aristocratic lifestyle instead of accepting her real average life. Read this essay to discover her personality and understand her motifs.
  7. The Theme of Deception in The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant
    The Necklace is a demonstration of two deception manners: clever dishonesty and open hypocrisy. How do both of them affect public perception and turn into serious social problems? Check out this essay and discover the moral of the story.
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