Online Degrees: Ultimate List & Tips for Studying

In 2024, online education remains one of the most searched terms. Not only can you undertake short courses, but it is now commonplace to get Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees online. Is this the right fit for you? Keep reading to find out!

In this article, our custom writing team will:

  • explain the benefits of getting an online degree; 
  • introduce the top 10 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs;  
  • give some useful tips on getting an online degree.

❓ Getting an Online Degree: Is It Worth It?

Even though online programs are relatively new in the field of education, they are absolutely worth it. There are a host of perks to studying online:

The picture enumerates the benefits of online learning.
  • Flexibility. Online programs offer flexibility and convenience, depending on students’ circumstances.
  • Accessibility. Online programs enable students to take courses from practically anywhere. You don’t need to commute to school every day. All you need is internet access.
  • Affordability. Some of the online programs cost less than on-campus studies. In most cases, there isn’t much price difference. However, the flexibility of online programs allows students to continue working while being enrolled in a college. You also save the money you would’ve used for transportation.

According to the Best Colleges survey, 74% of students are satisfied with their online courses or prefer them over on-campus studies. Online education is growing in popularity and is definitely worth pursuing.

Top 3 Myths about Online Learning

Despite all the benefits, many people are hesitant to get an online degree. It is mainly due to negative myths surrounding distance learning. Let’s go over some of them and see why they’re not true:

❌ Myth✔️ Reality
Online degrees are less valid than on-campus degrees. Contrary to popular belief, online degrees are valued and respected by employers. Online education has grown in popularity in the last couple of years and has become a common practice. For that reason, the stigma around online degrees is disappearing.
Online classes are much easier than regular classes. Online courses are just as challenging as on-campus ones. The programs usually combine recorded video lectures, real-time classes, and reading materials. Self-motivation is crucial for those who plan to study online.
There’s no real interaction during online classes. In modern online forums and chat rooms, everyone gets the chance to speak up and share their opinions. Communication is an integral part of online education.

All in all, if you are still unsure about pursuing your degree online, don’t let myths affect your decision.

🌐 Getting a Bachelor’s Degree Online: Top 5 Programs

Can’t decide which program to choose? To make it easier for you, we’ve made a top 5 list of the most innovative Bachelor’s degree programs.

All the programs in this list are accredited and have a high return on investment. Return on investment or ROI is a financial ratio used to calculate the benefit an investor will receive in relation to the investment cost. In other words, pursuing one of the programs listed below will be beneficial for you in the future since you can earn more than you’ve spent to enroll in the course.

Top Online Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Program in Business

Name of the program: Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies – Business

University: University of Virginia

Course duration: 3-4 years

Annual tuition fee: $29,280

10 year ROI: $788,000

About this course: 

  • This program is perfect for those who seek a flexible schedule that can be balanced with work or family commitments.
  • The BIS course prepares students to advance in their current jobs, pursue graduate studies, or transition to a new career.


  • The course provides students with a flexible schedule and enables them to broaden their knowledge of business and management. 
  • While studying this program, you will improve your critical, analytical, problem-solving, and time management skills.
  • You can also take a heavier course load and complete your degree in just 2 years. 
  • Scholarships are available.

Top Online Bachelor Program in Computer Science

Name of the program: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University: Colorado State University

Course duration: 2-4 years (depending on the intensity of study)

Annual tuition fee: $14,280

10 year ROI: $754,700

About this course:

  • If you are interested in software, algorithms, and theoretical computing frameworks, this program is for you.
  • You can choose to study AI, human-centered computing, computing systems, or network security.
  • You may also take a breadth focus to get a wider perspective on computer science.


  • The university prioritizes meaningful discussions. Students and instructors work as a team, exchanging ideas online.
  • This program allows maximum flexibility. You can study from any location at any schedule.
  • You’ll get an online access to all the necessary resources.

Best Online Bachelor Program in Nursing

Name of the program: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BS)

University: Mercy College

Course duration: 1-2 years full time, 2-3 years part time

Annual tuition fee: $12,875.

10 year ROI: $1,064,500.

About this course: 

  • This program is made for registered nurses who plan to return to school for a bachelor’s degree.
  • The focus is on transcultural nursing and leadership and management.
  • Online learning is facilitated via Blackboard.


  • You’ll get an opportunity to study advanced nursing concepts.
  • This course will help you improve your leadership skills and gain knowledge in collaboration with leading organizations and communities.
  • The college offers various financial aid programs, including academic ones.
  • Flexible schedules are available for working nurses.

Top Online Bachelor of Arts Program in Graphic Design

Name of the program: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media

University: Maryville University

Course duration: 1-3 years

Annual tuition fee: $16,000

10 year ROI: $375,400

About this course:

  • This course will be interesting for students with an artistic eye and solid computer skills.
  • The focus is on interactive design, marketing, print production, video game development, and more.
  • This course is a good choice for self-employed designers with an entrepreneurial spirit.  


  • Forbes has ranked Maryville University as one of America’s best colleges. 
  • You will get all the necessary knowledge and skills to become a highly professional designer.
  • The course allows studying on your own schedule, with no campus visits.
  • You will learn by creating and receiving feedback from top professionals.

Best Online Bachelor of Arts Program in Psychology

Name of the program: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

University: University of Alaska Anchorage

Course duration: 4 years

Annual tuition fee: $25,440

10 year ROI: $350,000

About this course:

  • If you’re interested in research related to psychological experiences or working with patients in clinics, this program is suitable for you.
  • With this degree, you’ll develop a diverse skill set for graduate study in social or health sciences and entry-level jobs in the field.
  • You can choose between getting a BA or a BS degree.
  • The focus is on children’s mental health and behavior psychology.


  • The university offers flexible program options and valuable undergraduate research opportunities.
  • You can apply for scholarships, awards, and grants to fund your own research.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to study under the supervision of a faculty mentor.
  • You can also earn a hybrid degree.

🎓 Top 5 Online Master’s Degree Programs

If you’re a postgraduate student, you might consider getting a Master’s degree online. It can save you time and allow you to gain some work experience.

Here is our list of top online Master’s degree programs. All of the courses mentioned below are accredited and guarantee you a high salary. To make sure, you can look at the median salary rate, which is an average of all graduates’ salaries after ten years of work in the field.

Best Online Master of Science Program in Management

Name of the program: Master of Science in Management

University: University of Colorado Denver

Course duration: 1-2 years

Annual tuition fee: $10,965

Median Salary: $186,500

About this course:

  • If you want to tailor your degree or learn how to lead a team efficiently, this program is for you.
  • The course prepares its students for leadership roles in both public and private sector organizations.
  • The focus is on change management and managing for sustainability.


  • The University of Colorado Denver offers scholarships to its students.
  • There is an option for a dual degree for Master of Science programs.
  • You’ll also have an opportunity to build a network with industry leaders.

Top Online Master of Business Taxation Program in Accounting

Name of the program: Master of Business Taxation

University: University of Southern California

Course duration: 9-12 months

Annual tuition fee: $29,700

Median Salary: $155,400

About this course:

  • The program is for people who already work in the tax field and want to deepen their knowledge.
  • A minimum 1-year work experience is required.
  • The focus is on corporate taxation, tax theory and ethics, and estate tax.
  • Online learning is facilitated via Canvas LMS.


  • You will get an education from a top-three graduate tax program in America.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to network with professionals from all over the country.
  • The university provides a high-quality educational experience and has highly professional personalized instructors.
  • You can also take selective classes depending on your goals and interests.

Top Online Master Program in Educational Leadership

Name of the program: Master in Educational Leadership and Administration

University: The George Washington University

Course duration: 2 years (fast-track option)

Annual tuition fee: $15,375

Median Salary: $91,400

About this course:

  • If you wish to become a principal or administrator, this program is for you.
  • The focus is on diverse educational communities and ways of improving students’ learning.


  • You’ll have an opportunity to learn from instructors with more than 30 years of experience.
  • The university offers a variety of internships that help its students to gain first-hand experience.
  • The program involves group work that allows you to develop the skills necessary for the workplace.
  • You can also complete the course in an accelerated form in just 2 years.

Best Online Master of Social Work Program

Name of the program: Master of Social Work

University: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Course duration: 2 years

Annual tuition fee: $17,040

Median Salary: $70,300

About this course:

  • This program can help aspiring or current social workers who wish to pursue an advanced degree.
  • The focus is on working with families, veterans, and individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders.


  • This degree has been rated as one of the best MSW programs by SR Education Group.
  • The program’s class schedules are flexible.
  • You don’t need to have a BSW to enroll in this program.
  • After getting an MSW, you can go on to become a Licensed Master of Social Work.

Top Online Master of Public Administration Program

Name of the program: Master of Public Administration

University: California State University-Long Beach

Course duration: 22 months

Annual tuition fee: $10,656

Median Salary: $113,300

About this course:

  • This program is perfectly suitable for professionals working in the public sector, public managers and administrators, city managers, public officials, or individuals who want to advance their management skills.
  • The focus is on leadership and management in the sphere of public service and nonprofit organizations.


  • The courses are taught by CSULB faculty with years of academic and professional experience.
  • You will study via interactive real-time sessions.
  • It will help you learn the theory, skills, and ethics necessary to become an excellent public service manager.
  • The courses can be completed within 22 months in an accelerated format.

🖥️ Top 5 Tips on Getting an Online Degree

Getting an education online is easier than it might seem. All you have to do is follow the tips below to have the best experience and get the most out of your studies.

The picture shows the top 5 tips for getting an online degree.
  • Choose the right program. To do it, study the lists of the best online degree accredited programs. Compare tuition fees and ROI and read about the experiences of students who had studied there before. 
  • Join online events and webinars. By attending virtual meetings, you can learn more about the program and ask questions directly to the staff. 
  • Use online platforms such as Coursera and edX. There you’ll find many accessible programs for different majors.
  • Work on your time management skills. Try to devote a set amount of time to each one of your lectures and interactive activities. Also, don’t forget to save enough time for self-study.
  • Find a suitable place to study. Make sure that it’s a quiet place with a good internet connection. This way, you’ll be able to stay focused and be more efficient.

We hope you’ve found the information in this article helpful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Best of luck with your online courses!

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