A Good Man Is Hard to Find: Essay Topics & Samples

Flannery O’Connor’s short story has many more underlying ideas and symbols to discuss than you may think. If you decided to write a critical essay on A Good Man Is Hard to Find, don’t forget to read through the sections of the guide made by Custom-Writing.org experts!

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First thing first, find a perfect topic for your essay. Ask yourself some questions regarding the motifs of the characters and the central conflict of the story.

  • What is the essence of being a “good man” for the Misfit and the Grandmother?
  • Why is the aspect of religion so important there?

The first section of this article contains a list of ideas that might help you write a great essay. The second one contains A Good Man Is Hard to Find essay samples that you are welcome to use for inspiration.

💡 A Good Man Is Hard to Find: Essay Topics

Don’t panic if you don’t know where to start. Check out the prompts to help you write a successful A Good Man Is Hard to Find essay!

  1. The age of the characters in A Good Man Is Hard to Find. Why do you think the main character has to be an elderly lady? Why does age matter in this case? Flannery O’Connor describes the Grandmother’s life in a pretty negative light. She is lonely and often relives the memories from the past. What does it hint at?
  2. The meaning of being a “good man,” according to Flannery O’Connor. There’s no doubt that the concept of “goodness” is the main theme of the story. We can see that none of the characters can be an example of a “good man” because everybody’s perception of goodness is different. Is it possible to sum up the author’s point of view?
  3. A Good Man Is Hard to Find: character analysis essay. This topic may be more complex than it seems! First of all, don’t forget to use our guide with the summary and analysis provided. Then, choose what character you want to write about. And don’t forget to include some quotes to prove your point!
  4. How does the setting affect the plot and character development in the story? Undoubtedly, the Grandmother’s change is the story’s major plot point. You don’t want to miss that! In this analysis essay on A Good Man Is Hard to Find, you would need to focus on the literary devices that highlight the grotesque setting of this event.
  5. How is the theme of the family represented in A Good Man Is Hard to Find? Here, you should write about family dynamics in the Bailey family. You may want to start with the Grandmother, who seems to be such a nice lady but ultimately doesn’t care about her family.
  6. The role of Red Sammy Butts in Flannery O’Connor’s story. What is this character’s function in this story? To drop the line that becomes the title of the story, or is there something more? Think about how Red Sam affects the Grandmother’s point of view.
  7. The Grandmother’s epiphany as the main idea of the story. This A Good Man Is Hard to Find essay prompt focuses on the Grandmother’s revelation in the end. Only when facing her death could she understand what true grace and divine love are. Study this idea and write down your thoughts!
  8. A Good Man Is Hard to Find and violence. Good vs. evil is the short story’s major theme, but think about whether all the victims are so necessary. The Grandmother is forced to hear her whole family killed. Is facing death the only way for her to experience an epiphany?
  9. Symbolism in Flannery O’Connor’s short story. The author uses many literary devices, such as allegory and various symbols. For instance, the Grandmother’s hat is one of them, and the fact that it gets destroyed after the car crash has a meaning.
  10. A psychoanalytic review of the Misfit’s character from A Good Man Is Hard to Find. This character is the most exciting one to analyze. The ever-changing beliefs and his point of view make the Misfit an extremely complex person. You would need to conduct a complete psychological analysis based on the description given in the story.

✒️ A Good Man Is Hard to Find: Essay Samples

Below you’ll find a collection of A Good Man Is Hard to Find essay examples. You are welcome to use them for inspiration!

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