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New Design for Our Blog about Academic Writing


Custom-Writing.org logo So, how do you like our new design?

We hope that you’ll love it as much as we do;)

By the way, new improved layout and nice fonts are just a few improvements we’ve made.

Now you can easily find the information you need. Simply check the categories in the right sidebar. Select the category you need and receive tons of useful information on academic writing in just one click.
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15 Science-Backed Study Tips to Upgrade Your Learning Style


Study Tips “This device can work faster…” If there were system messages in the mirror, you might see this one over your body. Numerous studies have shown that you can study faster and easier if you do it right. You’re welcome to take advantage of the following scientifically proven study tips if you want to ace your tests and still have a life.

Study Tips: When and Where?

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Top 10 Most Beautiful College Libraries in the World


If you’re like most modern students, you’re probably not a big fan of your college library. If someone looks for you, the library would be the last place they’ll think of. However, not all reading halls are the same. Only take a look at the following libraries where you may want to live.

  1. Coimbra General Library, University of Coimbra, Portugal. The library has been in operation since 1537 (!) and it is still open for students every day. Housing around 200. 000 books, it’s worth visiting simply because of its magnificent beauty.
    Coimbra General Library
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How to Write Transition Sentences to Make Your Essay Flow


Transition Sentences Transition sentences are like bridges between the different parts of your essay. These elements help readers understand your logic. To improve your writing style and make your essay flow, simply insert the links between the different arguments.

Functions of Transition Sentences

How do you know where a transition is absolutely necessary? If you’re not sure, here’s where transitions are usually placed:
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Epic Sleeping in Class Students Video Compilation


Of course, sleeping in class is a bad idea. Some time ago, we discussed the best ways to stay awake in class. However, when everything else fails Morpheus can call you in the middle of a boring class. Take care! Students sleeping in class are often featured in class videos like this:

Unless this way to popularity on Youtube is attractive to you, avoid sleeping in class!

Make Money in College: Top 10 Online Survey Websites


Make Money in College When you’re in college, finding a job is not easy. In most cases, students lack time, skills and professional connections. However, with every problem comes an opportunity. Don’t forget that we live in the era of high technologies and Internet communications. If you want to make money in college, consider those paid online surveys, for instance.

Best Paid Online Survey Websites

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10 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts You Should Avoid


Valentines Day Gifts Rather often the choice of Valentine’s Day gifts becomes a real dilemma. February 14th can put a lot of pressure on you. By the way, did you know that the statistics of breakups is higher on V-Days than on any other day of the year? Sometimes your gift can speak louder than words and other actions.

That’s why you’d better avoid the following worst present ideas (if you don’t want your sweetheart to become your soon-to-be ex):

10 Worst Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas of All Times

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10 Student Discount Sites Worth of Your Attention


Student Discount Sites One of the biggest advantages of being a student is that you don’t have to be embarrassed at not having money. However, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the basics of finance management. The first big step to smarter spending is to pay less whenever it’s possible. And the following student discount sites can help a lot:

Check These Sites for Student Discounts

Hunting for special offers and discounts is easy if you subscribe to some (or even all) of the following sites:
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Google Classroom App – Start of a New Era in Education


With the crazy tempo of technical progress, the classical education formula seems so outdated and so last century. No big surprise that educators argue whether modern students need to learn handwriting or not. And the launch of Google Classroom marks a new era in education evolution.

Google Classroom Features

A free Google suite for education, including Gmail, Drive and Docs, created for teachers and students, is now complimented with this new app. And most of the academic community couldn’t help but love it, because
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