Harvard Referencing Style

The word “Harvard” may sound cool, especially in combination with “university” (and if you are a student of this university).

But the truth is:

For most students, the word is associated not with college, but with citation style.

And that’s not very cool.

Harvard referencing system may become a real trouble when it’s high time you wrote essay, research paper, or your course work for finals.

All those rules, commas, capitalizations… — they just make your desired A+ more and more unachievable.

It’s time to stop it.

We know that Harvard citation: 1) is not loved by students at all in many cases, but 2) crucial for your academic success.

That’s why we’ve designed our guide — a complete and super easy go-to guide with numerous examples of Harvard citations.

Let’s start with general rules.

When citing information sources in Harvard, you need to keep in mind such general rules:

  • your paper should include a title page, outline, and reference list
  • 1” margins are required around a page
  • a running head is not needed
  • two types of citation are to be included (in-text and reference list)
  • all sources are to be mentioned in alphabetical order
  • no indentation is required for the reference list
  • minimalize capitalization
  • minimalize the use of punctuation
  • As a rule, two types of headings are used when formatting a paper in Harvard:
    • Level 1 – centered, capitalized, not bold, not italicized.
    • Level 2 – flush left, italicized, capitalized, not bold.
  • the first paragraph or a couple of paragraphs are usually devoted to the introduction. However, a subtitle is not required.
  • the last paragraph or a couple of paragraphs are to follow a subtitle [Conclusion].
  • the use of transition words and phrases for linking paragraphs is encouraged.

Harvard Title Page

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Harvard First Page

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General Structure:

Reference List

Last Name, Initials Publication Date, Title of book, Publisher, City.

Example: Williams, C 2010, Management, Cengage Learning, Mason.

In-Text Citation

(Last Name Publication Date, page)

Example: (Williams 2010, p. 5)

Note: for any cases that are not outlined in the present guide, please follow the general format.

Harvard Reference List

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