Need to cite multimedia?

That’s not a problem either.

Just choose the type of multimedia you have to cite and copy its format (or download it in .docx file).

In our citation examples we use the following color coding:

  • Red – Author
  • Blue – Title of book/article/charter/webpage
  • Pink – Date
  • Orange – Website/Publisher
  • Turquoise – Place of publication
  • Peach – Additional information about the source (i.e. its type, specific features etc.)


Note that the owner of the intellectual content should be indicated as the author.


25. Mosley M. Michael Mosley’s science of you [DVD]. Australia: Roadshow Entertainment; 2013.

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Television broadcast

26. Plant based medicine: Catalyst [television broadcast]. Sydney: Australian Broadcasting Corporation; 2015 Feb 3.

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27. Tamou R. Doctors [videocassette]. Sydney: ABC TV; 2006.

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Videocassette authored by an organization

28. University of Nebraska Medical Center. Family practice review: best practices for the 21st century [videocassette]. Cherry Hill (NJ):; 2003.

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Videocassette without an author

Do not use the word “anonymous” if the author cannot be identified; instead, simply omit the author constituent.


29. Collaborative research with communities: value added & challenges faced [videocassette]. Washington: Public Health Foundation; 2006.

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