In our citation examples we use the following color coding:

  • Red – Author
  • Blue – Title of book/article/charter/webpage
  • Pink – Date
  • Green – Title of journal
  • Violet – Editor/Translator
  • Black – Volume/Issue
  • Sienna – Pages
  • Gray – URL/database/website where the source is retrieved

Full text from database (no author)

‘The proceedings of the 140th Tokai-Hokuriku regional meeting of the Japanese society of neurology’ 2015, Rinsho Shinkeigaku vol. 55, no. 9, viewed 26 January 2017, via PubMed database.

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Full text newspaper, newswire (no author)

The Sydney Morning Herald 2016, ‘Year in review 2016: the most-read Sydney Morning Herald online stories’, viewed 16 January 2017, SMH database.

Be sure to put the name of a journal at the beginning of the entry and make it both capitalized and italicized.

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Full text from the Internet (four or more authors)

Remember that it is critical to add a reference link after the publication date. Be sure to put it in single guillemets with no extra spaces.

Marzouk, Z, Rakovic, M, Liaqat, A, Vytasek, J, Samadi, D, Stewart-Alonso, J, Ram, I, Woloshen, S, Winne, P & Nesbit, О 2016, ‘What if learning analytics were based on learning science’, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, vol. 32, no. 6, pp. 1-18, viewed 26 January 2017, <>.

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Full text newspaper from database

Higgins, H & Kerpen, P 2017, ‘The president opens the ObamaCare escape hatch; Trump’s executive order will make it easier to find an insurance plan that fits your needs’, The Wall Street Journal, 26 January, viewed 26 January 2017, via ProQuest database.

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Full text from database


  • add a full access date with no shortenings.
  • add [via] before the name of a database.
  • be sure to capitalize only the names of a journal and database.

Arnfred S, Aharoni R, Hvenegaard M, Poulsen S, Bach B, Arendt M, Rosenberg N & Reinholt N 2017, ‘Transdiagnostic group CBT vs. standard group CBT for depression, social anxiety disorder and agoraphobia/panic disorder: study protocol for a pragmatic, multicenter non-inferiority randomized controlled trial’, BMC Psychiatry vol. 17, no. 1, p. 37, viewed 26 January 2017, via PubMed database.

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