smoking essayPeople’s attitude to smoking is rather controversial: someone smokes and someone cannot even stand tobacco smoke. That is why the topic of smoking will always be open and up-to-date.
Covering this topic may seem boring to you, since you have discussed it thousand times already. Still, the purpose of such assignment as essays on smoking is to make you research this issue and realize all the harm smoking does. So, if you have a task to prepare an essay on smoking, you can present your own ideas on the matter in a persuasive essay about smoking.
In order to write a good smoking essay you need to do three things:

One of the possible themes for such essay is Should Smoking Be Banned? What do you think about this? Can such measure as banning decrease the amount of smokers? Or do you think that it is only up to a person to give up smoking? These are the questions you need to answer in your smoking ban essay. Here are several ideas you can take into consideration as well:

  1. You may start your banning smoking essay with a little trip to the past. When did tobacco appear? Where? How did first cigarettes look like? Present some background information in your smoking ban essay. Find interesting facts.
  2. You should definitely present in your smoking ban essay statistical data. How many people smoke? When do people start smoking?
  3. You are to mention about all that harm smoking causes. Cancer is the first thing to mention in your smoking ban essay. Provide here statistics as well.
  4. You can finish up your Should Smoking Be Banned essay by listing the measures that should be taken to decrease the amount of smokers. How do you think, all those terrible phrases you read on the cigarette packs – are they effective? Express your personal point of view on the matter.

Smoking is a problem you cannot be indifferent to. Writing such essays about smoking is what can help students realize how harmful it is!
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