Child labour essays can be of immense interest to would-be economists, social workers, psychologists and educators. First of all, one has to clearly formulate the topic of his/her child labour essay, for instance, we can take such question as Child Labour in Developing Countries and Its Effect on the Society.
Naturally, the overwhelming majority of students writing child labour essays, feel very indignant about this social phenomenon, and mostly they demand its complete abolition. However, this point of view is slightly one-sided. It seems that your child labour essay should include the following points:

  1. The factors which force children to work.
  2. The alternatives to the child labour.
  3. The strategies for reducing this practice.

A student, intending to write a child labour essay, must be very knowledgeable in political, economic and cultural situation, which has emerged in developing countries. In the child labour essay, one may also discuss the attempts to put an end to this problem. Most of them were very detrimental for the children who had to earn their living.
The child labour essay may also describe the efforts of the British government to prevent children from working in dangerous and unhealthy conditions. This was one of the most urgent problems of the English society at the end of the nineteenth century.
A child labour essay can be written even by the students, specializing in literature. Let us remember the famous novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. You can describe the effects of workhouse environment on the personality of the main character.
So it is quite possible for us to come to the conclusion that a child labour essay requires knowledge of many disciplines as well the ability to use various research methods.
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