Social Studies essaysWriting essays on Social Studies may be a little challenging, especially for those who major in other disciplines and are used to writing other kinds of papers. Yet, if you are aware of some basic principles of writing Social Studies essays, the task will not seem that complicated.
We are glad to introduce the main peculiarities one should keep in mind when writing a Social Studies essay.
Social Studies essays: peculiarity 1
First of all, you need to get the gist of this essay type, you need to know what exactly you are supposed to do. Forget for a while how you used to write previous papers. To prepare a good Social Studies essay, you need to get through three major stages:

  1. Decide on the main question.
  2. Think about a proper experiment that will help to investigate this question.
  3. Report the results of your investigation.

Social Studies essays: peculiarity 2
Methods of collecting evidences is an extremely important aspect when it comes to writing Social Studies essays. All claims that you make in your essay should be supported with evidences, and these evidences should not be merely taken from a textbook. The following methods of collecting evidences are used in Social Studies:

  • Questionnaires and surveys;
  • Observations;
  • Experiments;
  • Interviews, etc.

Social Studies essays: peculiarity 3
Structure and style are other important aspects you should mind when working on your Social Studies essay. A good essay on Social Studies should be organized into sections that describe methods, discuss results, etc. Do not forget about the appropriate writing style. This includes writing in a clear and logical fashion, making precise short sentences, etc.
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