French and American Revolution essaysFrench and American Revolutions are two extremely important events that took place at the end of the 18th century. Both Revolutions brought radical changes into both countries and affected their further development.
So, you have to prepare an essay on American Revolution and French Revolution. What do you think a teacher is expecting from your papers? Do not think about this for too long. Be sure to compare two events in your French and American Revolution essay. If necessary, check our hints for making good compare and contrast essays.
We are glad to help you cope with the task and share tips for writing excellent French and American Revolution essays.
Your major mission when writing French and American Revolution essays
We have already mentioned that you will have to write a compare and contrast essay on French and American Revolution. Yet, certainly, your major task is not to simply highlight similarities and differences between two events.
By means of comparing and contrasting, you need to explain in your French and American Revolution essay the significance of two Revolutions for their countries, evaluate goals and methods of achieving them.
Points to be considered in French and American Revolution essays
The causes of both Revolutions were monarchies and their injustice. In America, they were struggling against the British king. In France, people revolted against their own king who led the country to the economic crisis, poverty, and hunger.
This is one of the points for consideration in your French and American Revolution essay. What other things may you touch upon?

  • Goals of both Revolutions;
  • Means of achieving those goals;
  • Inner situations in both countries;
  • Results of Revolutions.

Reading our article about essays on the Enlightenment can also be useful for the completion of your French and American Revolution essay. Enlightenment and its ideas changed French mentality and affected the Revolution.

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