We are sure there is no need to talk too much about the significance of the Civil Rights Movement period right now. We all know that that period in the history of the United States changed the nation greatly, changed people’s views, and the fact that America has the first black American President today is the direct result of the Civil Rights Movement.
It seems like the amount of information about the Movement, various events, and people of those times make you seriously puzzled at the moment. You have to write a Civil Rights Movement essay and have no clue what to focus on.
If you have collected enough materials, researched the topic but still do not know what to touch upon, use the following plan for writing papers on the Civil Rights Movement.

  1. Briefly introduce the Movement, tell what it was all about. To make an introduction for your essay on the Civil Rights Movement really impressive, tell some horrific story like that of Emmett Till.
  2. The body of your essay on the Civil Rights Movement can be devoted to a wide range of issues. You can make a short overview of the main events, personalities or focus on something specific. If you decide to make an overview, your essay on the Civil Rights Movement should definitely include such points:
    • The roots of the Movement
    • Brown vs. Board of Education court case
    • Prominent leaders like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, etc.
  3. In the final paragraph of your essay on the Civil Rights Movement, refer to the present days and how today’s society is affected by the Movement. Conclude your Civil Rights Movement essay with something like whether Dr. King’s dream came true.

If you need more ideas for essays on the Civil Rights Movement, check articles about essays on Martin Luther King or an essay against Affirmative Action.

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