The Battle of Hastings that took place in 1066 was one of the most important events in medieval history. One of the amazing things about it is that the battle is well-documented. There is a lot of information in the records of eyewitness, biographies.
Because of all these reasons, many students find writing essays on the Battle of Hastings rather tricky. First, you need to collect and read heaps of sources. Second, you need to study biographies of some important people involved in the battle, events that preceded the battle, etc.
In other words, we have to say that completing the Battle of Hastings essays might take quite a lot of time. We are glad to provide you with some pointers here that will make your work on the Battle of Hastings essay easier.
Some basic questions to answer before getting down to writing the Battle of Hastings essays
So, after you collect information and analyze it, it is better to check what you have learned and whether you understand everything properly. Before writing your essay on the Battle of Hastings, answer these simple questions:

  • When and where did the Battle take place?
  • What were the main sides of the conflict?
  • What happened during the Battle?
  • Why did the Normans win the Battle?

Going deeper into details
Sure, a good essay on the Battle of Hastings cannot be based on some general facts only. The next step you need to take is study various important details. They will help to make the Battle of Hastings essay more informative.
To prepare an excellent Battle of Hastings essay, you will need to study:

  • Three potential kings of England who actually caused the battle:
    1. Harold Godwin
    2. Duke William of Normandy
    3. Harald Hardrada, King of Norway
  • Normans’ and King Harold’s preparations for the war, strategies they used;
  • The wound of King Harold, aftermath of the Battle.

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