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Essays on “The Color Purple” can be assigned to students of different academic institutions. Like any other written task, essays on “The Color Purple” might cause difficulties. What structure is required? What problems raised in the novel should be considered in essays on “The Color Purple”? You will get answers to these questions in this article.
Essays on “The Color Purple”: Structure
Like an essay on any other topic, essays on “The Color Purple” should consist of an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction – clearly state the problem you are going to discuss and formulate your thesis statement;
  • Main Body – provide supporting details and examples to prove the accuracy of your viewpoint;
  • Conclusion – summarize everything said in the introduction and the body of your paper.

Essays on “The Color Purple”: Problems to highlight

  1. The problem of racial discrimination against black women in the post-World War I period
  2. Write about Celie who lives in the world of injustice to her race and gender. Focus on her psychological state when analyzing this character in your “The Color Purple” essay.

  3. Symbolism in “The Color Purple”
  4. You can discuss different symbols in essays on “The Color Purple.” Write about the symbolism of names, occupations, power, stamps, frogs, eyes, and God.

  5. Discovery and self-knowledge
  6. Essays on “The Color Purple” can also aim to compare how self-discovery is portrayed in the book.

  7. The origin of the book’s title
  8. Some literary critics proposed a theory about the title of “The Color Purple.” Find it and discuss in your essay on “The Color Purple.”

Essays on “The Color Purple” are more likely to be formatted in MLA style. So, keep to its rules while writing your essay on “The Color Purple.”
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