into the Wild essayInto the Wild is a famous bestseller of Jon Krakauer that was published in 1996. It is a biography of Christopher McCandless and an amzing story about his adventures. The story ends up in McCandless death at the age of 24.
Do you lack ideas to develop in your Into the Wild essay? Actually, from the very first pages, readers start asking many questions that can become the focus of your paper. So, if you have not read the book yet, better do it right now. Otherwise, creating a good Into the Wild essay will not be easy. In fact, there is a movie adaptation that you can watch to facilitate your work on the Into the Wild essay.
Anyway, we are ready to share our ides with you and suggest several questions to answer in Into the Wild essays.
Into the Wild essays: was Christopher McCandless a noble man or a reckless idiot?
What do you think were the true intentions of McCandless? Was he a kind of suicidal and crazy person? Or, maybe he just wanted to view this life from different perspectives?
Into the Wild essays: what would you do if you were one of his family members or friends?
Would you try to dissuade your son from such a journey? What arguments would you use? Imagine that one of your best friends says he/she wants to change his/her life dramatically and goes to Alaska without money and food. Tell in your Into the Wild essay how you would act in such situation.
Into the Wild essays: why did McCandless decide to reject his ordinary way of life?
Try to explain in your Into the Wild essay what was wrong with the life of McCandless parents, for instance. Why did he decide to reject it?
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