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10 Simple Steps to Better Format of Research Papers


Research papers format When you work on a research paper, format can mean everything. The importance of using neat fonts and margins should not be underestimated. Research paper format is responsible for the first impression from your project.

Step 1: Select All

The first step to formatting your paper is ‘selecting all’. For Microsoft Word you can use the combination Ctrl + A or use the left button of computer mouse to select all text.
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How to Write a Research Paper that Earns High Grades


Whenever you have to write a research paper, you are pressed for time. No matter if you start early or procrastinate too long, you never have enough time. That’s why you should take the most out of your time.

How to Choose a Topic

The first stumbling block which can easily ruin it all is the choice of a topic. Your topic should be somewhere at the intersection of several parameters:

How to Write a Research Paper

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How to Write a Proposal and Get an Excellent Grade


How to write a proposalProposal writing is the first important stage in the research process. It helps you adequately plan your investigation, so that you can successfully complete it. Let’s discuss how to prepare a proposal that will make your committee say “Wow, this student definitely knows what s/he is doing”.

How to Write a Proposal and What to Include?

A research proposal discusses what and how you are going to research. Proposals are always written before the rest of the project and they require the approval of the committee. These are the main parts that should be included in a proposal:

  1. introduction (statement of the problem, purpose of research, significance of study);
  2. background (a preliminary literature review);
  3. methodology (research method, sampling and stages of research);
  4. expected outcomes and possible implications;
  5. list of references.

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Writing a Research Paper and Ensuring Your Peace of Mind


writing a research paperHow many times do you usually get upset before completing your research paper? More than you care to count. Writing a term paper can be extremely annoying and stressful. Yet, if you know the main obstacles that are inevitable in the research process and you know the right things to do to overcome them, you will be able to maintain your peace of mind throughout.

Obstacle 1 – choosing a topic

Actually, even this very first step of research paper writing can get on your nerves if you let it. Accept the fact that the choice of a good topic is critical for the success of your entire project. Be prepared to spend some time on digging it out. Here are some good suggestions for you:
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A Research Proposal Example: The Perfect Start to Your Project


research proposal exampleA research proposal is like a final rehearsal before your investigation. This research proposal sample and the expert comments that accompany it will help you write winning proposals of your own.

A Free Research Proposal Example

A research proposal should briefly discuss all important details of your future investigation. This is why you should include all the following sections from this research proposal example in your proposal:
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Creating an Outline for a Research Paper Project in 20 Minutes


Outline for research paperWhen you are anxious to start your research paper, an outline can seem as just another obstacle in your way. Yet, careful planning and outlining of your paper is an important step that cannot be skipped. Luckily, you have found this recipe that will help you create pretty good outlines for research paper projects in about 20 minutes. So, you can already set your timer!

Outline for Research Paper Projects: 3 Quick Steps

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How to Write a Bibliography of High Quality in 20 Minutes


How to write a bibliographyMaking a bibliography page (a list of resources you used in your paper) is just like putting a cherry on top of the cake. It is the last, but extremely important step for a perfect result. Let’s see how to make a bibliography page in 20 minutes without ruining your paper.

How to write a bibliography of high quality

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