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Writing a Plato Essay


plato essayImpressed by Plato’s theory of happiness? Delighted with music of the Middle Ages and Plato’s influence on it? Dreaming of visiting the Republic? Try and incarnate your ideas in your Plato essay.
The topics for investigation are really enormous:

  • the Republic by Plato;
  • Plato’s laws;
  • Plato’s “Parmenides”;
  • Plato’s theory of knowledge;
  • Plato’s theory of form;
  • Platonic happiness;
  • Plato and music of the Middle Ages;
  • Platonic scholarship;
  • Plato vs Aristotle and hundreds of others.

Choose any and start studying. Your Plato essay may turn out an interesting journey to the ancient times. You will be virtually introduced to one of the great trio whose contribution to the development of Western culture can’t be overestimated. You may go even into investigating Platonic life which is full of thrilling details. Continue reading >

Essay on Poetry


scholarship essayEssay on poetry is a type of essay where the author analyses the particular poetry or presents his own evaluation of a poet’s writing style. The main principle of writing an essay on poetry is better show than tell. The author should present the poetry to a reader in such a way so that he acquires an assumption that he has read it by himself or he himself become familiar with this or that poet’s style.
The structure of essays on poetry remains the same: the essay introduction, the main body and the conclusion.
In the essay introduction the author of an essay on poetry should present the poem read. He may give some interesting facts of its creation or he may explain why he has chosen this very poetry for analysis. If this is an overview of of some poet’s work the essay writer should name the basic features of this collection. An introduction should finish with a thesis statement – a common thread of the whole essay on poetry. One should realize the importance of correct choice of the thesis statement: it is the main idea which he has to defend all essay long.
In the main body the writer should suggest several topic sentences which come out from the thesis statement and concrete arguments supporting them. In case with an essay on poetry the main arguments would be various citations or giving examples of stylistic devices used by the poet in the text. What acquires the main significance is the writer’s own interpretation of the text. Continue reading >

Essay on Terrorism

terrorism essayIt’s a pity to admit but essays on terrorism remain one of the easiest to write. The thing is that there are so many sources for investigating this problem. Unfortunately, you may switch on the TV set and get at once so many questions to answer in your essay. For example, you may study the essence of terrorism, admitting the date and the place of its “birth”. Or you may dwell upon the people who stood at the beginning of its existence. Try to give an answer for such a difficult question, as “What moves people to commit terroristic acts that keep the whole world in terror?” Or you may be interested in the motives that lead thousands to committing suicides for the benefit of some clan or other group of people believing in their superiority above others.
Our advice is to choose the problem of terrorism only in case it really appeals to you. Otherwise, if you don’t care about someone else’s security believing that the problem won’t touch you personally, you won’t be able to impress your reader and find a positive response from him.
Note that essays on terrorism presuppose giving bright examples, no matter how dreadful the arguments may be. The topic itself requires serious facts to be included as the ones supporting the thesis statement. As for the latter, try to state some burning problem that needs urgent solving. Make sure that all arguments you include in your terrorism essay are accurate and don’t contradict each other. Mind that the information you present should go together with its source – to make your essay on terrorism more persuasive and to avoid accuses of plagiarism. We advise you to make it as emphatic as possible. Continue reading >

Informal Essay


informal essayAn informal essay is a piece of informal writing which discusses a particular event, situation or problem with paying more attention to the facts than to the author’s understanding of them.

Occasions for writing informal essays:

  • a letter to a friend
  • a childhood reminiscence
  • evaluation of the process of studying
  • a plan of entertainment for sumer holidays and lots of others where a stream of your personal thoughts and ideas is welcome

A good informal essay should consist of:

  • an introductory paragraph;
  • a main body;
  • a closing paragraph.

This structure is a standard one, but the sequence of its components may be changed according to your own conception of the subject under consideration. Continue reading >

Essay on Philosophy


philosophy essayLet’s be frank: at least once in your live you have been called a philosopher. Though you realize that philosophy is a very serious branch of science you still remain a little uncertain about its significance and don’t like very much being called a philosopher. And this essay on philosophy to write for tomorrow doesn’t contribute to your affection to this study.
This article is aimed at breaking your stereotype about philosophy essays and philosophy as a whole.
We all live in a materialistic world. No matter how often we quit it, dreaming in fictional places, sooner or later we come back to reality. Therefore, to live in it we urgently need to be aware of the rules existing there. The study of truths about reality is the main task of philosophy, and, consequently, writing essays on it.
The search for wisdom, this is where you are to have primacy while writing your philosophy essay. This requires thorough understanding of concrete philosophical sources and ability to reason and to state firmly your opinion. Continue reading >

Writing a Reflective Essay


scholarship essayA reflective essay is a piece of essay writing providing a thoughtful analysis of the work you have completed. This is a flashback in the process of exploring some problem thinking over what you have learned from it.
At first sight it may seem extremely difficult to collect your thoughts on a subject you are already nuts on in the way it should be clear to others. A reflective essay really tends to be one of the most complicated ones. Therefore we present here some useful tips on how to cope with the task of writing it.
Before writing your reflective essay collect all the materials you have used while studying the problem. Look through it carefully, write out the most prominent ideas. Look back at the difficulties you have faced with, outline the ways of solving them. Analyze the weak and the strong aspects of your work.
The next stage is describing your work. Try to be as specific as possible. Explain why the problem attracted your attention, how it influenced your self development. Evaluate the quality of your project. What can be done to improve it? Analyze your mistakes. Specify the results of your work. Say how you achieved the goals. Emphasize what influence your project will have on the world around you.
Points To Consider: Continue reading >

Essay on Music


music essayYour mood leaves much to be desired… Everything around is getting on your nerves… It seems, that this will last forever and there are no changes for better to wait for. But still there’s one thing that may save you. This is your favorite music. How many times did you turn on your near and dear CD and it gave you a hand of help in your troubles!
Why not to write about this in your music essay? Note that you were very lucky to be given this very topic, the one that really appeals to you, the one that tends to lift the curtain over your most cherished dreams.
If your luck was as much as to give you an opportunity to choose your own essay topic for your essay on music, you may pick up the one that is the most thrilling and exciting to you.
For example, you may dwell on the place of music in your life, starting with the very notion of it personally for you: whether it’s a simple organized sound or much more. You may also study the history of music – it’s also a large field for investigation. One more possible topic for essay writing is different kinds of music. There are lots of them, and each and every can produce its unique effect on the listener. Continue reading >

Essay on Religion


religion essayWhen a child, most of us wrote letters to God, asking for something, looking for some response to a very important question. When we have grown up, more and more often we ask ourselves questions about the very existing of this supernatural.
Once such thoughts come into your mind take a pen and write down everything you think of. This will be a draft for your future religious essay. Then create a thesis plan of your viewpoints, arrange it in the well-known for you structure of essay of any type (the essay introduction, containing a catch and a thesis statement, the main body including several paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting arguments each, the conclusion, where you summarize the main ideas of your research ) and your masterpiece is ready.
Pay special attention to the sincerity of essay writing. This tone is presupposed by the very topic of your essay on religion. Write down only things you are firmly believe in, or, on the contrary, absolutely sure of their irreality.
The first topic you may choose for working over is the notion of religion. Find out for yourself what this word stands for. Is it a mere set of attitudes and beliefs about some supernatural power, or something more, rooted deeply in your heart? Continue reading >

Essay on Psychology

psychology essayA psychology essay is a formal piece of essay writing with the purpose of showing your critical thinking abilities and experiences you have acquired at psychology classes.
As any other type of essay, essays on psychology presupposes a strict structure: introduction, main body and conclusion. Though, psychology essays tend to start with an abstract. It gives the reader the general idea of the paper, acquaints with the subject under analysis, states the main problem.
Then comes introduction. It consists of a catch statement (its task is to grasp the reader’s attention) and a thesis statement (it outlines the major points if your work). In the introduction you may also give definitions to some terms and explain some notions if required.
The main body of a psychology essay consists of several paragraphs each having a topic sentence and arguments supporting it. This is in this section that you present the results of your research work. Note that all material that you have studied is to be referenced in a proper way, according to your professor’s preferences. Continue reading >

Writing a Descriptive Essay: Major Highlights for Students



Writing a Descriptive Essay: Major Highlights for Students

Descriptive essays are the biggest joy to write for those who can spread their wings and fly. But there are people who struggle with writing a good descriptive essay. The article can provide all the possible recommendations and effective guideline for presenting an academic paper. Your descriptive paper, therefore, should be based on a systematic and consistent algorithm which will be presented below.

1. Writing a Descriptive Essay. The Outline


A descriptive essay is often a creative account on the most striking and interesting issues. This genre of writing encourages students to rely on personal experience while describing a person, place, object, situation, or emotion. Moreover, descriptive papers allow students to reveal their artistic freedom.

General guidelines:

Before writing a descriptive essay, you should adhere to the following rules:

– decide reasons, importance, and purpose of a descriptive essay;
– jot down some ideas that can help you unfold your topic;
– do free writing;
– there’s nothing more helpful than just writing down your stream of
consciousness so as to pick phrases or even sentences for your essay.

Tips on essay writing:

  • What about some challenges? Ask your family/friends to write few topics for you on small sheets of paper. Throw them all into a big hat, shake, and pick one. Unexpected topics can be surprisingly productive.
  • If you have few days ahead before handing in your paper, spend some time observing people, things, or events around you. A great topic can pop up from these observations. You can also write about what you’ve learned while observing and paying attention to details.

2. Writing a Descriptive Essay. The Introduction


An introduction is the framework that leads the readers into the world of descriptive writing.

General guidelines:
To make your descriptive essay compelling and interesting, find the hook that will catch attention. At the end of an introduction, you should present a strong and persuasive thesis, a controlling idea, and then move smoothly to the main body.

Tips on essay writing:

It’s easy to say whether your thesis is strong enough or not. Omit everything in your essay, except for the thesis. If it still reflects the main idea, than it will hook up the readers.

3. Writing a Descriptive Essay. Main Paragraphs


Show, use your senses, don’t just summarize.

General guidelines:

Apart from giving evidence, paragraphs in a descriptive essay should make your readers feel, taste, smell, and experience the same things as you did. If they do, you don’t need any confirmations for your writing skills.

– Use vivid language which clearly brings out the principal features.
– Use time effectively to show change or evolution.
– Give freedom to emotions and feelings because this contributes to the essence of the essay.

Tips on essay writing:

  • Give one main idea per paragraph.
  • Take audience’s preferences into account.

4. Writing a Descriptive Essay. The Conclusion


A conclusion of a description essay summarizes the stated information and restates the thesis statement presented in the introduction section.

General guidelines:

Students should pay specific attention to the overall representation of an essay and its main idea. In this respect, conclusion helps readers focus on the main idea of a descriptive essay and define its significance.

Tips on essay writing:

Leave your readers with the feeling that they didn’t waste their time. Provide them with food for thought. Make them want to come back and read your essay once again.

While writing a descriptive essay, all the above-presented parts should be coherently organized. What is more important, students should be ready to use their imagination and describe their feelings, emotions, and experience endowed with a certain meaning. Using our recommendations makes the stated above – possible.