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Discursive Essay: Top Writing Tips and Recommendations


Discursive Essay: What Is It?

A discursive essay is a piece of formal writing that presents a discussion on a particular topic.

Discursive Essay: Structure

  • Introduction – in this section the topic to be discussed is clearly stated.
  • Main body – it consists of several paragraphs, which describe a particular exemplified or justified point.
  • Conclusion – the main points of the essay are summarized; the author’s opinion is stated/restated; balanced consideration of the topic is provided.

Discursive Essay: Main Types

1. Opinion essay requires author’s opinion on a topic which is stated in the introductory paragraph. It should be clearly presented and followed by reasons and/or supporting examples. Also this essay paper should contain an opposing argument that comes before the conclusion. The writer must explain readers why mentioned argument is considered to be unconvincing. The writer’s opinion should be restated/summarized in the conclusion.

2. For and Against Essay provides readers with a thorough debate on the topic with the help of opposing points of view. Each point should be discussed objectively and described in details. The introductory paragraph puts the topic under consideration. Main body of this essay paper should present examples, reasons and arguments supported by justifications. The author’s own opinion with a balanced reflections on the topic should be stated only in the conclusion.

3. Essay Suggesting Solution to a Problem discusses problems and finds main solutions. Introduction paragraph clearly states a problem and analyses its causes and consequences. Main body of the essay should offer some suggestions for a possible solution to the problem and state possible consequences or expected results. In conclusion, author’s opinion should be distinctly summarized.

Discursive Essay: Basic Do’s

  • Write in formal, impersonal style
  • Introduce each point in a separate paragraph
  • Use topic sentences for each paragraph
  • Write well-developed paragraphs
  • Give reasons and examples for each point
  • Use sequencing
  • Use linking words and phrases
  • Make references to other sources
  • Identify used sources

Discursive Essay: Basic Don’ts

  • Don’t use short forms
  • Don’t use informal/colloquial language
  • Don’t use very emotional language
  • Don’t use over-generalizations
  • Don’t express your personal opinion too insistently
  • Don’t refer to statistics without proper referencing
  • Don’t use personal examples

Good luck with your discussions and discursive essays! Be sure to check out the articles on our blog for more academic wisdom!

Writing an Antigone Essay


antigone essayAntigone essay is a piece of essay writing which deals with some problem related to the Greek tragedy by Sophocles “Antigone”.
After reading the play you have to single out one problem that mostly appeals to you. For example, you may be interested in comparison of Antigone with Ismene, or you may think over the soundness of Antigone’s actions, or you may analyze Ismene’s unwillingness to help her sister.
One more interesting problem to investigate is who may be called a hero of the play, to be more exact, the tragic hero. Whether this is Antigone or her uncle Creon deserves to be called a tragic hero?Mind that if you pick up this question for consideration you should do a thorough analysis of the literal category of “a tragic hero”, study the main characteristics of it and only than refer this or that character to it.
Pay special attention to the existing critical materials on “Antigone”: some sound ideas have been elaborated long ago and you may use them in your work. But be careful about the proper referencing of the source. Continue reading >

Essay on Fashion

fashion essayYou consider yourself being a candy kid? Hearing the word “fashion” makes you extremely delighted and you can’t imagine your life without all fashionable doodads every new day brings to you? So, writing an essay on fashion won’t be a difficult task for you.
We wonder, where such interesting assignments are proposed to students? May be you are so lucky as to study in some Institute of Technology or this is some other fashionable institute that offered you to write on fashion?
Ok, no matter where you come from (may be this is just your personal wish to write an essay on fashion) let’s consider together what you may write about.
First, take into account that “fashion” does not only apply to things that are uncountable in your room and in your wardrobe, especially. The word also refers to various cultural accomplishments, etiquette, social networks, management, forms of speech and even economics. As you can see the field for investigation is far-reaching. If you still want to write an essay about clothing fashion, study, for example, the following: trends and styles; fashion evolution; fashion designers. Continue reading >

Essay on Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes essayIf you are addressing this page you are probably a student of final year in some high school or a freshman in some university who were offered to write an essay on Sherlock Holmes. Amazed by our reasoning? These are all Sherlock Holmes’ extraordinary methods of solving problems that taught us!
Probably, you’ve read the book for several times already and your logical thinking has been also developed by that fellow’s instructions. The only thing left is to use it while writing a Sherlock Holmes essay.
Our first advice would be to write about the problem which touches you most of all. May be this is Sherlock Holmes’ personality that is worth exploring, or, his mannerisms and speech, or, the author’s ways to describe them.
What may also present interest is Sherlock Holmes’ interaction with his adversaries or comparison of Sherlock Holmes with some other literary detective.
More possible questions to answer in your essay on Sherlock Holmes: Continue reading >

Essay Contests


contests essayYou have been standing on the balcony and horizon that opened in front of you touched you so much that you wanted to write about it? A beggar looked at you with his sincere eyes in which the whole world was expressed and you want to share your impressions about it?
May be, you are sick and tired of horrible news that come at once when you switch on TV? Or, you are deadly killed by your friend’s treachery? Of course, writing is not enough to cure all these problems. But think about relief it may bring you, or consider all those people suffering from the same problems, or, on the contrary, feeling the same joy, who would like to read about their emotions in somebody’s essay.
Don’t make a wry face while reading the word “essay”! Writing it may not only be a compulsory task on this or that subject, it may also become the way of your personal expression. Moreover, writing a good essay may help somebody in a difficult situation, or save from an irreversible mistake, or just give somebody pleasure from reading it. Continue reading >

Writing the Best Essay

best essayDuring your studies you have several times written various types of essays. Dozens of topics for essay, dozens of thesis statements, topic sentences and arguments supporting them. Some of your essays were better, others left much to be desired.
But each and every contributed to your becoming a professional essay writer, you became more and more convinced in one proverb’s wisdom: “Practice makes perfect”.
And what if you were given an assignment to write your best essay or the one which can be called the best of all ever existed.
Let’s consider together some characteristics of such an essay:

  • We believe that the best essay should have a thesis statement that really appeals to its author; this can be seen from the means the author used to cover the topic.
  • The thesis statement should be thrilling and challenging for the readers. No one will stay indifferent to the problem analyzed in the best essay.
  • The best essay should be written in the way so that the reader can easily follow the writer’s flight of thought. The reader is guided by the writer though fail to notice it.
  • The best essay is perfectly structured.
  • It meets all stylistic requirements.
  • The best essay should contain some ideas that make the reader reread it for several times.

Continue reading >

Illustration Essay: How to Create Perfectly Structured Content


Illustration essay contains numerous bright examples which illustrate/facilitate the thesis statement. The writer’s task is to choose a topic which may be colorfully supported by some significant details or picturesque descriptions, which contribute to the overall discussion of the problem under consideration.

It doesn’t mean that only specific subjects may be worth describing in illustration essays. Some topics require more elaborate illustrations than others. Therefore, the writer should carefully consider the question of foreseeing possible ways of expressing and evaluating the potential topics.

Illustration Essays: Typical & Specific.

Typical essays deal with the whole outside world and don’t give concrete sources or references, while specific essays are those which deal with the reader personally. These may be some memories from his/her life experience or some important events that happened in his/her life. Every problem that the reader can relate to may serve as a specific example for an illustration essay.
Continue reading >

Motivation Essay


motivation essayHow do you think, has Frederick Winslow Taylor, the author of the management theory, born in 1856, ever thought that his ideas will be further developed by you, the most talented ever essay writer?
He would have been extremely delighted to realize that his perception of motivation and various subsequent problems would be studied in your motivation essay.
Oh, dear! You don’t know what to start with?
First, study the nature of motivation and the basic aspects of its theory. You are sure to find them in your methodguides on management. Then choose a specific field for analysis. This should be the one which present some practical value, it should also be interesting personally for you and your professor, if possible.
Your following step would be to recollect the structure of a motivation essay. Actually, we can do it for you. Three obligatory parts of motivation essays are: the essay introduction, the main body and the conclusion. Continue reading >

Writing a Plato Essay


plato essayImpressed by Plato’s theory of happiness? Delighted with music of the Middle Ages and Plato’s influence on it? Dreaming of visiting the Republic? Try and incarnate your ideas in your Plato essay.
The topics for investigation are really enormous:

  • the Republic by Plato;
  • Plato’s laws;
  • Plato’s “Parmenides”;
  • Plato’s theory of knowledge;
  • Plato’s theory of form;
  • Platonic happiness;
  • Plato and music of the Middle Ages;
  • Platonic scholarship;
  • Plato vs Aristotle and hundreds of others.

Choose any and start studying. Your Plato essay may turn out an interesting journey to the ancient times. You will be virtually introduced to one of the great trio whose contribution to the development of Western culture can’t be overestimated. You may go even into investigating Platonic life which is full of thrilling details. Continue reading >

Essay on Poetry


scholarship essayEssay on poetry is a type of essay where the author analyses the particular poetry or presents his own evaluation of a poet’s writing style. The main principle of writing an essay on poetry is better show than tell. The author should present the poetry to a reader in such a way so that he acquires an assumption that he has read it by himself or he himself become familiar with this or that poet’s style.
The structure of essays on poetry remains the same: the essay introduction, the main body and the conclusion.
In the essay introduction the author of an essay on poetry should present the poem read. He may give some interesting facts of its creation or he may explain why he has chosen this very poetry for analysis. If this is an overview of of some poet’s work the essay writer should name the basic features of this collection. An introduction should finish with a thesis statement – a common thread of the whole essay on poetry. One should realize the importance of correct choice of the thesis statement: it is the main idea which he has to defend all essay long.
In the main body the writer should suggest several topic sentences which come out from the thesis statement and concrete arguments supporting them. In case with an essay on poetry the main arguments would be various citations or giving examples of stylistic devices used by the poet in the text. What acquires the main significance is the writer’s own interpretation of the text. Continue reading >