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How to Write Transition Sentences to Make Your Essay Flow


Transition Sentences Transition sentences are like bridges between the different parts of your essay. These elements help readers understand your logic. To improve your writing style and make your essay flow, simply insert the links between the different arguments.

Functions of Transition Sentences

How do you know where a transition is absolutely necessary? If you’re not sure, here’s where transitions are usually placed:
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How to Write an Essay that Works: Questions and Answers


How to Write an Essay First, we’re really grateful for the questions you send to us. This time we’ve decided to cover some of your recent questions in this post. So, here are our recommendations on how to write an essay:

Q 1: How to Make Myself Do My Homework?

Well begun is half done. However, it’s often the hardest and most time-consuming part at the same time. Here are a few tips which might help you:
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All You Need to Know to Write an Abortion Essay with Ease


When you’re in college, it’s most likely that you’ll have to do some projects on abortion. It can be an abortion essay, research paper or debates. Anyway, the following important arguments and figures will help you handle this task.

What Position to Take in Your Abortion Essay?

The first thing you should know is that there’s no right or wrong answer. You can be a proponent or an opponent of the women’s right for abortion.

Here’s what experts usually say and what you can use for your paper on abortion:

For abortion: Against abortion:
  1. Fetus isn’t a human, as it can’t exist outside of mother’s womb.
  2. Every child should come into the world wanted and loved.
  3. A woman’s body belongs to herself and she should be free to make choices concerning her health.
  4. In cases of rape, a baby would be a constant reminder of the received trauma.
  5. Possible fetal health problems are a legit reason for having an abortion.
  1. Abortion is the act of taking a human life. It’s a murder.
  2. Adoption is a better alternative to abortion.
  3. Abortion can result in medical complications for a woman’s health.
  4. In cases of rape, proper and timely medication can ensure that a woman doesn’t get pregnant.
  5. Abortion should not be used as another form of contraception.

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5 Reasons Why Your Application Essay Isn’t Good Enough


Application Essay There’s no doubt that your application essay is one of the most important papers in your life. If you really want to get into college and spend four years of your life in the company of sweet and intelligent people, polish this paper.

Here’s a final checklist of 5 reasons why your admission essay isn’t good enough:
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Here’s How to Write a Scholarship Essay Like a Boss


Scholarship Essay Summer is the time of sunny sky, sunsets on the beach… and scholarship essays. Even though it can be hard to motivate yourself to write an essay instead of lying in the sun, there’s still a good reason to get yourself together. That reason is your wellbeing during the year that follows.

Unless you decide that no essay scholarships are right for you, here’s how to write a winning essay and get a scholarship.
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Essay Writing Format: Fit the Standards, Remain Original, Get A+


Essay Writing Format The essay writing format is one of those tricky things on which you can never decide whether they are helpful or menacing. When you write essays, formatting can be both guiding and misleading. Are you ready to dive into it?

Essay Writing Format: Structure It the Right Way! Important Tips

Keep in mind that, an essay writing format usually includes several aspects:
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Email Etiquette Rules for Students: Get Ready for 3 Major Cases


Email Etiquette Rules Do you know what makes the first impression in the modern world? Not the way you dress and not the way you speak. It’s your emails – their format, grammar and tone.

That’s why email etiquette rules are the key to your bright future. Don’t miss them firefly explained below!

Emailing Teachers

If you have certain doubts if anyone cares of email etiquette rules, doubt no more. Your teachers are the ones who definitely do. Be careful when emailing them.
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