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Here’s an Expository Essay Sample That Really Helps


Expository essay sample The main goal of an expository essay is to explain something, giving complete information without judgment or evaluation. Expository essays ‘expose’ somebody or something or gives detailed instructions for doing something. Below is an expository essay sample that will clear out it all.

Types of Expository Essays

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How to Write a Biography That Wins Over Competitors


How to Write a Biography When you’re going to enter a college, you need to write an autobiography. All to your surprise, it might be not that easy to write a biography when you’re only in your twenties (or even younger). Here are some working tips and precautions that can save you a lot of time.

Core Elements of a Good Biography

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10 Simple Steps to Better Format of Research Papers


Research papers format When you work on a research paper, format can mean everything. The importance of using neat fonts and margins should not be underestimated. Research paper format is responsible for the first impression from your project.

Step 1: Select All

The first step to formatting your paper is ‘selecting all’. For Microsoft Word you can use the combination Ctrl + A or use the left button of computer mouse to select all text.
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7 Surprising but Effective Tips for Writing a Great Essay


Essay tips Sometimes when you are assigned an essay, you can be missing words and ideas. There’s nothing worse than staring into a blank monitor and understanding that the time is running out. However, the following 7 essay tips can save you.

Here goes your daily doze of inspiration and motivation:

Essay Tip 1: Promise Yourself Cookies

Sometimes an immediate reward means a lot. Think of what you will do after you complete that essay, and it will motivate you to write faster. Promise yourself to take a walk, eat a candy or call a friend, and your essay will go on wheels.
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5 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Application Essay (and Life)


Application EssayIt is that season when students spend sleepless nights struggling with their application essays. Brainstorming, outlining and editing seem endless. Remember that this too shall pass. Simply concentrate for some time and put all your energy into this important paper. Avoid the ineffective strategies that can ruin it all.
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5 Proven Tips for Editing Your Dissertation like a Pro


After the crazy marathon of dissertation writing, you can be too tired to edit it. However, the following tips and checklist can help a lot. Here’s how to complete dissertation editing faster without missing anything important.

Tip 1: Check All Parts

Sorry if it sounds too obvious, but it’s an absolute necessity. Make sure that you include all of the following parts with a separate subheading (or even a separate page) for each of them:

Check All Parts

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