Literature offers us plenty of interesting pieces of art and that is why the students find literary essay writing very interesting and a captivating activity. The student should be aware of the work and get ready to express his/her ideas on the paper.
One thing that seems to be the most difficult for such task is the necessity to read a piece of literature. It is not too scary if it is a poem or little story, but if it is a great novel or work of fiction the task is rather undertaking and difficult.
While writing your literary essays pay attention to ā€œ3Sā€ elements such as:

  • Style;
  • Subtext;
  • Structure;

Literary essay style:

Literary essay style is informal. It is desirable to use simple language and simple sentences. For literary essay it is obvious using of the references. You can cite the author but do it correctly in order not to be blamed in plagiarism.

Literary essay subtext:

In the literary essay subtext it is necessary to describe the plot of the story, do not make the summary out of it, it has to be in form of analysis. Choose the most informative issues and write about the main characters.

Literary essay structure:

The outline of the literary essay is a plan for your future work. You point out the thesis statement and illustrate the most interesting things from the introduction (why you have chosen this very topic), the main body (the most captivating facts from the story) and the conclusion.
Literary essay should contain not only the information about the story but try to write a bit about the author, his/her influence on literature e. t. c.
It is also very important to edit and proofread the literary essay. You should check the correctness of the presented information and correct the mistakes you could have made.
Well, now you know how to create excellent literature essays; so read the guidelines given above and impress everyone!
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  • Emma Rose Posted: February 27, 2012 in 4:33 pm

    Very useful info on literary essay writing. Intelligible explanations on style, subtext, and structure. Thanks you so much for your help!!!

  • R. F. Posted: March 20, 2012 in 12:01 am

    I like your writing on literary essays! After reading it, I know how to cope with this type of assignment. Thanks you so much!!!