Literary criticism essay very often stands for discussion or evaluation of the book, the story or the article. The task of the literary criticism essay can be: the overview of the main characters, the peculiarities of the style, the analysis of the plot.

In the literary criticism essay it is important to explain why this topic should be criticized. Before sticking with the topic you should know for sure that you have enough background knowledge in the sphere you are about to choose.

In the literary criticism essays each part appears to be more or less significant element. That is why it is desirable to pay attention to each of such parts.

First of all, the Literary criticism essay title is the subject which is described in the literary criticism essay. The literary criticism essay title should be:

  1. Not the copy of the literary work;
  2. Interesting and captivating;
  3. Appealing to the reader;

Literary criticism essays introduction you should include:

  • The general statement;
  • The specific statement (thesis statement);
  • The importance of the literary criticism essay;
  • The most important information about the author;

Literary criticism essay main body prompts:

  • Divide the body into paragraphs;
  • Show your personal attitude to the subject;
  • Use the references and different citations;
  • Logically connect the sentences with each other;
  • Prove that your points of view make sense;
  • Develop your abilities in logical thinking and writing;

Literary criticism essay conclusion writing:

  • Create an interesting conclusion to the whole literary criticism essay;
  • Try not to develop new ideas at the end of literary criticism essay;
  • Express your own opinion on the topic.

As you can see the literary criticism essay writing is a creative thing which can disclose not only your writing abilities, but your abilities in logical thinking and in analyzing the literary work, too.

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