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Writing a Critique

Writing a critique starts from analyzing the information you have.

Critique paper writing is not only about sharing your impressions. It is a thorough research of the topic you have picked.

When writing a critique, you are evaluating work done by an author. Critique paper writing highlights weaknesses and strong sides of the object you are analyzing.

But, which is more essential in writing a critique, your analysis has to be fair.

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How to Write a Critical Book Review

Writing critical book reviews is a process that requires time. You have to know what you are writing about. You need to state the author’s main idea and discover his purpose of writing. High-quality critique paper writing can deepen reader’s understanding of the book, and discover its new horizons for the audience.

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Writing a Movie Critique

There are numerous factors that you want to consider when writing a movie critique.

  • First of all, do the characters correspond to the genre of the movie under critique? Critique paper writing evaluates their motivations as well.
  • Plot analysis is important in writing a movie critique. A well-written plot captivates from the very beginning. It has its own mysteries and turning points that must be revealed in writing.
  • Evaluating dialogues is also essential in writing a critique. Were they good enough to explain the entire story? If not, what must be done to achieve this goal?

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