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Here comes your next assignment: another research paper.

For some students, it’s not a big deal at all; others have to go through a sleepless struggle making a stand for a high grade.

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Research paper writing is not that easy

Any course eventually involves research papers writing, but many students loathe the moment that their professor announces this kind of assignment.

Not everyone knows how to write an academic research paper the right way; it requires too many skills and a ton of knowledge.


Research paper writing assumes that you have:

  • An in-depth understanding of the topic
  • Wide research experience
  • Extraordinary writing skills

Along with the ability to:

  • Be attentive to detail
  • Write in a logical and consistent manner
  • Comply with multiple strict standards
  • Follow the given style formatting

Moreover, it’s not easy to find inspiration for creative writing, but you have to—otherwise your paper may appear too boring and dry. All this makes many students start a troublesome search for research paper help.

However, this search usually comes up dry.

The thing is that free sample research papers always contain plagiarism because they have already been written and uploaded by someone else.

Sooner or later, students understand that they will have to pay for a custom research paper if they have no time to write an original one themselves.

What you’re gaining with us

There are some significant things you will gain if you decide to buy custom research papers from us.

By ordering our services, you actually buy your freedom—freedom to choose your own occupation for the next X hours or days.

  1. There are surely some things you’ve always wanted to do but have never found time for. What if we can help your dreams come true?
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Our main goal is to:

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We’ve all been students before, and we believe that college life is one of the greatest and most memorable periods of your life. You shouldn’t be constantly struggling—that’s the main point of our research writing service.

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We want to help students achieve their dreams by addressing their challenges and helping them whenever they need a research paper written. The good news is that we have already succeeded considerably in our mission—proving that we can help you, too.

Get a custom research paper quick and easy

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of research papers you have to write? You’re not the only one suffering!

Did you know that according to research by the University of Ottawa, there were 50 million scholarly research articles written between 1665 and 2006?

It’s an overwhelming number, isn’t it?

Do you think all of them were useful?

Escape from this research paper rush!

  • Focus on what really matters to you
  • Let research paper websites do this complicated task for you.

If you’re still wondering where to find research papers online, our professional paper writing service will help you out with any type of research paper. You can get your custom paper quick and easy, here and now.

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Sounds like the perfect plan, right?

All that our custom research papers writing service needs to start working on your project is as simple as ABC:

  • Assignment details*
  • Your deadline
  • Prepayment

As soon as prepayment is received, a writer who specializes in your subject area will immediately start working on your order. You can also track your order status from your profile page, contact your assigned writer from your admin panel, and get in touch with Customer Support by live chat if needed.

* Your specific instructions/assignment details can be emailed to us, attached in a message on the website, or sent via chat.

The benefits of buying from Custom-Writing has become one of the top providers of academic writing services among all research paper websites. We are proud of the fruits of our labor, and we will open up to you about the secret to our success.

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  • Free paper samples for you to review our quality

If you still have any doubt, we encourage you to buy a research paper online from us just one time, and then decide whether we were consistent with your expectations.

From our experience—we usually exceed them!

The top-notch quality of our work

Looking for free research papers online with works cited? If you need non-plagiarized papers, you are unlikely to find those for free. However, you can opt to pay an affordable price for excellent research papers.

If you pay money for a service, you need to know that the results will be worth the amount paid. When we talk about quality-price ratio, you should know that our custom research paper service will offer you the best quality at the lowest price possible.

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We value every single customer who approaches us, and we are constantly improving our internal processes to reduce as many costs as possible. Therefore, we can offer you the absolute best price for our custom writing research papers.

Think about it.

We know how difficult and time-consuming it is to:

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  • Perform serious topic research
  • Write a complicated research paper

We are here to create the best research paper samples so you can use them as models for your further use.

If you buy a custom research paper from Custom-Writing, you’ll be delivered a creative paper:

  • With 275 words per page
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  • With a proper outline and correct citation

Keep in mind:

We will not only write a research paper of the best quality for you—we’ll also adjust our writing to your own research paper style of writing. To take advantage of this option, just provide us with a paper sample.

Every paper you get goes through careful revision by the author and by an editor. However, if any amendments are required, feel free to send us as many instructions as necessary within 14 days of paper delivery for FREE updates. A member of our Quality Assurance department will promptly review your request and forward it to the writer.

Only qualified writers join our team

“Do my research paper for free” or “Write my paper for me free”—this is what we sometimes hear from our customers. We’d like to dispel the myth that anyone with real research and writing experience would ever render their custom research paper services free of charge.

It just won’t happen!

Our rigid hiring process ensures that only highly qualified and talented writers join our team. These writers invest their time, knowledge, and efforts for you to enjoy a high-quality product that is sure to bring you a high grade.

Isn’t that worth paying for?

As an online company, we can afford to work with native English-speaking writers from all over the world, ensuring that we get only the best of the best.

Another important aspect you’ll like is that we are ready to tackle even the most complicated orders, since we have skilled experts from various spheres on our team: History, Marketing, Economics, Literature, Accounting, Religion, and more.

Our custom research paper writers will make sure that the papers you get are:

  • Thoroughly researched
  • Professionally written
  • Non-plagiarized

If you buy a custom research paper online from us, you can even choose a preferred writer to work on your project as long as this specialist is not working on a different task.

If you buy a custom research paper online from us, you can even choose a preferred writer to work on your project as long as this specialist is not working on a different task.

  • Messages
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Free phone call

Or just send us a request to contact your writer!

You will love working with our professional paper writers to address all your important writing tasks in college.

Our qualified writers are at your disposal any time!

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Helpful customer support is online 24/7/365

High-quality service is the first thing that sets our reliable customer support apart. These guys truly care about your challenges, and they are doing their best to improve your experience with our service.

They will answer ALL of your questions. Here’s just a brief list of questions they can immediately help you with:

  • How can I place my order?
  • I can’t upload a file. Can you help me?
  • What will my payment cover?
  • Will I get a plagiarism report along with my paper?
  • Can I choose the 24/7 Personal Assistant option?
  • Can I choose my preferred writer to write my research paper?
  • When will my writer be online so I can chat with him?
  • Can you update me on the status of my order?
  • Can I order writing a qualitative research paper?
  • Can you choose research paper topics for me?
  • Can I pass along instructions for my research paper outline format to the writer?


There are certainly plenty of different questions that may arise during the ordering and writing process, and our support team will make it all clear for you 24/7. They know everything about how our service works and common related issues.

So, if you have any emergency situation, just contact our support by live chat and let them resolve your issues on the spot.

Ordering from us is safe and confidential

When you think about buying a research paper from any custom writing company, you might be wondering whether you can do it safely and anonymously. Though you’re not doing anything wrong by buying a research paper online, there are still some students who prefer to keep their identity secret.

And here’s the truth:

Your safety and security are our guarantee. We protect our customers’ information through a high level of security ensured by the independent security service McAfee, which monitors our website daily.

What’s more:

We value your right to privacy, and we make sure that your personal data is stored securely. Access to your information is even restricted within our company.

  • Get acquainted with our Privacy Policy to make sure that no information of yours will ever be shared, sold, or disclosed to any third party.
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The price for your order

Our college paper writing service is always here and ready to help you 24/7! Be ready to receive your paper before the deadline, even if you place an order at night.

You can place your order, go to sleep, and have it ready in your inbox as soon as you wake up. Just make sure to provide your writer with clear instructions and indicate the required deadline.

Fair enough:

We have made our prices cost-effective based on your requirements. We don’t offer cheap custom research papers* — our product is incredibly high quality. However, our prices are still entirely reasonable.

So you can afford to buy a custom research paper from us; it won’t hurt your wallet.

  • The lowest prices are for orders given in advance. This is the substantial benefit to placing your order upfront.
  • The highest prices are for urgent tasks. Cost is related to the tight schedule: our writers must leave all their other assignments to tackle your top-priority work promptly. But have no fear—urgent orders are fulfilled without compromising on quality!**

* Beware of cheap research paper writing services if you don’t want to rewrite your paper or be kicked out of school. There are plenty of cheaters ready to sell you a low-quality paper for a cheap price.

** The minimum time we need is 1 hour per page, so if you need 3 pages, you can select a 3-hour deadline. Just select the "Rush order" option right at the top of your account page.

Please check our price table to see how much our research paper writer services will cost you.

Don’t miss our discounts

Most likely, you realize by now that you won’t benefit much from cheap paper writing. If pre-written research papers for sale online from the cheapest essay writing service is not what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to right place.

You already know that getting a high-quality, non-plagiarized research paper from competent writers involves a little more payment than the cheap sites advertise.
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And that’s our main advantage compared to our competitors: we provide a really good product for a reasonable price. You’ll know what we mean right after the very first order you place with us.

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Take advantage of these generous offers by learning more about the details of our flexible discount system. If you have any questions, you can always ask the support team of our research writing services to help you!

Changes needed? These are free for 2 weeks!

Before placing an order from your profile, make sure that you’ve provided us with clear instructions to ensure that your paper needs no further amendments and will be perfect straight away.

In your instructions, give us as much information as possible:

  • The paper title
  • Your assignment instructions (you can attach the file)
  • Citation style (specify MLA or APA style research paper, or any other style)
  • Number of sources required
  • UK or US English
  • The subject
  • The type of assignment
  • The study level
  • The deadline
  • The number and style of pages (including single- or double-spaced)
  • Preferred writer (if any)

You can then ask our support team by live chat to provide you with a discount code and include it on your order form (ask support for a discount you’re eligible for).

However, if you’d like something to be fixed in the paper after it’s done, feel free to send it back for revisions along with your instructions. You have the right to free revisions within a 14-day period after your order is received. Please note that you can ask for unlimited revisions within these 2 weeks!

Free features you’re getting as a bonus

There are some additional benefits of buying customized research papers from Custom-Writing. These free features accompany any order you get completed from us:

  • An outline
  • A reference page
  • A title page
  • A plagiarism report
  • Proper formatting

So, you only pay for a research paper body—the rest comes as a free bonus! Take advantage of our offer now, before some of these services have to become fee-based.


You are welcome to check out the downloadable examples of student research papers we have on our website. These research paper examples will help you evaluate the quality of our service.

Need your own paper to be edited? No problem!

Writing research papers is certainly difficult. Some of you may be great at researching and writing but then experience problems when it comes to finally proofreading and editing your paper.

Even after proofreading, you might not be sure whether you’ve done everything correctly—or you may just want another set of eyes to check your work.

For these cases, we offer our Editing and Proofreading option. You don’t need to order a research paper if you simply need to have one edited. The extensive proofreading experience of our professional editors allows us to complete a thorough check of your paper.

Ordering Paper Editing means that we will carefully check your paper for:

  • Grammar mistakes
  • Punctuation errors
  • Typos
  • Correct research paper formatting
  • Plagiarism

And if you need some part of your paper to be rewritten, you are welcome to place an order for your paper writing.

In fact:

This is a great option for those who want to save time and make sure that their paper will get an A+. Don’t hesitate to order a highly professional revision to improve your research paper writing.

Guarantees from Custom-Writing

Still wondering why you should go with us?

You must have already gotten acquainted with multiple research paper writing service reviews online until you found us. Even though some of the academic paper writing services are highly rated, they do not always deliver what they claim to.


To avoid wasting your precious time and hard-earned money, order from a trusted service that’s been checked by over 35,000 clients from all over the world. You should give a chance to our buy research paper online writing service to prove our sincere dedication.

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Here are some more guarantees for our custom research paper writing services:

  • Reliability works with highly qualified writers who care about the ensuring quality and meeting deadlines. Ordering our research paper help will ensure that you get an absolutely creative paper with no plagiarism and on time.
  • Transparency
    The whole writing process is fully transparent and backed by our money-back guarantee. You may choose your favorite writer and even keep in direct contact with this expert if you like. This is a very useful feature for those who want to be more involved in their research paper writing process.
  • Confidentiality
    You may rest assured that no one will ever find out about our cooperation. Privacy and security are among the core principles of our custom writing service.

In spite of an enormous workload, Custom-Writing experts are always ready to help you out when you can’t create a high-quality research paper in time.

Keep in mind:

We never offer pre-written custom research papers for sale; we deliver only authentic, premium-quality, and tailor-made papers delivered straight to your inbox.

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