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These days, many students struggle to complete their writing assignments for a variety of reasons:

  • Some have to balance their family life, work, and studies and still find time to do their homework.
  • Some are not native speakers of English, so it takes longer to conduct research and write a paper in a foreign language.
  • Still others prefer to concentrate their efforts on their main subject areas, so writing papers for general education courses becomes burdensome.

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Essays may seem to be one of the easiest assignments, but they can be a stumbling block for many students.

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Check out some of the other questions frequently asked by our customers to find the answers you’ve always wanted to know.

Where can I buy an essay?

Nowadays, there are plenty of places to buy essay papers:

  • Some students who are good at research and writing make money by offering a cheap essay writing service.
  • You may also approach some of your instructors or professors and ask them for writing help (but be careful: such questions can be rather risky).
  • A plethora of college essay writing services are always ready to assist you along your thorny academic path.


It’s up to you to decide where to buy paper.

However, you should always keep in mind that not all of the essay writing propositions out there will get you a quality paper worthy of the sum you have to pay. Even if you’ve found a company at the top of buy essay online reviews, and even if they claim to be the best place to buy essays online, you have to be careful who to trust.

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Where can I buy an essay online?

Buying an essay online is the quickest and the easiest way to get an excellent essay:

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Another common concern of students seeking paper writing help is whether it’s possible to purchase essay safe.

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The only way to write your essay for free is to do it yourself. Our sincerest congratulations to you if you can cope with this task:

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Just think about the time, skills, knowledge, and effort that a well-written custom essay requires.

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Do you really think this complex and time-consuming process can be low-cost?

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You won’t benefit from buying cheap essays. By saving just a few bucks here, you run the risk of getting a low grade or even being expelled from your college in the case of plagiarism.

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Academic dishonesty is one of many reasons that might lead to expulsion.

Just imagine this nightmare:

You need to buy a law essay. You’ve found a cheap custom writing service, so:

  1. You place an order with them to buy a college essay.
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  8. You never trust similar cheap writing services anymore.

No one ever wants to know how it feels to be expelled from school. We never want you to get into such trouble!

It was estimated that around 3.5 million students (!) faced out-of-school suspension at least once during the 2011-2012 school year. Moreover, approximately 103,000 were expelled.

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There is a wide array of companies that are happy to cheat you. They usually have pre-written essays for sale, which they simply resell to multiple customers over and over. They don’t care about your grades or the problems you may be facing in college.

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Let’s go backstage

Most students find essay writing challenging, and there are certain good reasons for it:

  • First, an essay writer needs to have good researching and writing skills.
  • Second, a good command of English is essential to write a compelling paper.
  • Third, you must have all necessary information available for your research.

These are some basic things that influence the writing process.

Are you hesitating about whether to buy essay from our company? Let’s go backstage with our writing process to see how your essay is created.

Step 1. Topic research

The first step that our writers make on the way to your essay is digging up the necessary information for relevant, high-quality content.

Our benefit is that we have access to an enormous academic database with credible materials, including:

  • Guides
  • Manuals
  • Textbooks
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  • Magazines
  • Publications
  • And more!

There is no need to spend hours in offline libraries anymore: we can instantly enter any online library containing various literature from all over the world to help us conceive an original idea for your essay.

By the way:

One of the common mistakes students make at this stage is citing Wikipedia in their papers. Keep in mind that more and more professors nowadays ask their students to look for sources that are more authoritative.

Do you lack the necessary research skills? Can’t find enough sources to complete your research?

Don’t worry!

We’ll easily:

  • Do in-depth research for your paper
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Step 2. Analysis of benchmark research papers

To write an essay worthy of your readers’ attention, you need to analyze the best essay examples.

You always need to have a certain benchmark:

  • To know where you’re heading with your argument
  • To adapt ideas for the most well-rounded paper

In our research, we frequently come across different arguments about the given essay topic. Our writers always analyze the most outstanding arguments to see what exactly makes them work.

As you can see now, another advantage you’re getting if you buy an essay from us is super-thorough research. Nearly 100% of the time, rigorous study and preparation is what guarantees an excellent essay.

What’s even more unbelievable:

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Step 3. Brainstorming ideas and writing a thesis statement

What’s the main feature of all outstanding essays?

Their authors managed to find a fresh new angle to look at a common issue. Everyone may be talking about your topic, but no one is talking about it this way.

Here’s the deal:

The writers we hire at Custom-Writing are creative, out-of-the-box thinkers. They won’t use other researchers’ arguments—they’ll find an original insight on the topic and make your essay unique. They are used to brainstorming and coming up with their own ideas.

It’s a more complicated way to research, but it definitely works the best.

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  • After many ideas are brainstormed, only the strongest ones will stay to support your topic.
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There are also certain standards that our writing experts stick to when they generate a thesis statement, making sure it is clear and fits the usual requirements.

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Step 4. Outlining the essay

Organizing an essay properly is an essential skill for any essay writer—even if it’s a 5-paragraph essay.

Our writers know organization better than anybody else, and their high productivity is a result of their ability to outline any essay effectively.

A powerful essay requires:

  • Careful thinking
  • Clear outlining
  • Proper sentence structuring

Our essay writers follow certain strategies to organize the essays they write for you. As a responsible essay online service, we take every single step seriously to create an amazing essay that will be even better than you expect!

  • Are tired of your studies and need some rest?
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Step 5. Writing the essay

After all that careful preparation for the essay writing process, it’s high time to start actually writing your top-notch paper.

What’s interesting is that our experts don’t start writing your essay from the introduction. They begin from the body!

The trick is this:

It’s much easier to come up with the beginning and end of a paper after its main body has been completed. The body usually describes, explains, or argues about your topic.

If you buy the essay you were assigned from Custom-Writing, it will roughly include the following breakdown: an introduction that takes up 7-8% of the total essay length, a conclusion that takes up 12-15%, and a well-developed body that takes up the rest.

So you don’t have to worry!

If you have entrusted your essay to our custom writing service writers, it will end up just the way you need.


If you need something to be updated in your completed essay, you can ask for unlimited free amendments within 2 weeks of delivery! This policy guarantees that you’re not just paying for the work of professional academic writing services, but for the strong results you expect.

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Step 6. Revising an essay

Ordering an essay from means getting the most careful approach to your paper from the primary research stage up until the paper is revised and finally emailed to you.


Can you keep a secret?

The secret to our success is having perfectionist editors on our professional team.

As soon as your paper is completed, it will be thoroughly edited and proofread by our editors to make sure you get a flawless piece of art.

  • Editors ensure the perfect quality of the final academic papers delivered to you.
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It’s not that students are unable to deliver better results—it’s just that many things are going on in their private lives and college classes, and they simply have no time to spend on high-quality researching and writing.


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The price for your essay will be estimated based on the following 4 criteria:

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