Essay Help: Writing an Outline

Why do we need to write an outline? How to write an outline? When to write an outline? Which president to vote for? Oops... wrong question. But there is one thing Notes for Dummies can assure you in: an outline is helpful, and in some cases absolutely necessary. If you can easily (or with some effort) write a small five paragraph essay without thorough preparations, a big essay paper will force you to prepare a detailed plan at first.

This is basically what an outline is – a well-constructed scheme of a future essay paper. A good outline is already 40 percent of the work done, so you will probably want to put aside your anticipations and start writing an outline.

Different people prefer different ways of outline writing. First one is to write in long and descriptive sentences. It gives you a more vivid picture, but takes away more time as well. Second option is to write in brief phrases. If you are able to jump into a topic from a two-word hint, off you go. Notes for Dummies give you one advice on writing an outline: try both options to find out which one is the best for you.

When writing an outline, start with writing down all of your ideas. Organize them in groups by similarities of meaning. Now, distribute facts that you have between the main ideas. Try to make an even distribution. Once this is completed, write a thesis statement and place it at the very top of the outline – thesis statements are always in the beginning. Now look at your plan. What you have to end up with is a step-by-step guide with clear paragraphs and an organized factual base.

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