thesis statementDo you feel that critiquing a research paper will give you a hard time? Do you find tutor’s instructions not very helpful to critique a research paper effectively? Well, these are certainly good reasons for panic. However, this will not help you complete this assignment.
We know that it is not that easy to critique research papers. It even seems to be more challenging than completing the project itself. Yet, we have to admit that critiquing research papers is a really valuable experience.
This is a list of questions that will help you understand how to critique research papers correctly. By the way, if you answer all of them, consider your critical comments to be successful.

  • Does a research paper have a clearly stated thesis statement?
  • Does an introduction help to understand the essence of the work?
  • Do you think the methods chosen for conducting research are correct? Are there any other methods that you think would be more suitable for this particular research?
  • Do you think that sources used for writing a research paper are reliable?
  • Do you see any mistakes in the way the analysis was made?
  • Do you think the conclusions made are right? Is there something you want to add or say differently?

These are just a few questions to answer when you critique research papers.
In a few words, the main purpose of critiquing research papers is to express your opinion on a certain work. Therefore, do not be afraid to comment all the shortages and weak points of someone’s work.
Do not forget about the overall organization (structure, format) when you critique a research paper. Finally, make sure you have enough time to critique a research paper. You might need time to check facts or clarify some unknown for you issues, so that to get everything correctly.
If you need to write a critical research paper, we are also ready to share ideas with you.
Research paper is not the most difficult academic assignment; and still, it does take a lot of time!
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  • J. V. Posted: February 23, 2012 in 7:00 pm

    Advantageous list of questions for research papers. They help to estimate the quality of the written research paper. To properly critique research papers is your chance to produce A+ papers.

  • Nick Thompson Posted: March 12, 2012 in 12:13 pm

    Thanks for learning how to critique research papers in a proper way! This is what I need to cope with this task successfully! Thanks!

  • debbie durose Posted: April 15, 2012 in 4:53 pm

    how much is an essay, and is there a chance it can be plagarized?

    • Jack Milgram Posted: April 16, 2012 in 11:08 pm

      You have to remember that the price for our services depends on a lot of factors. You can find the detailed price quote here: (the page will be opened in a new window). You can check out the prices depending on the subjects and deadlines that you choose. No – it can’t be plagiarized: the papers are written from scratch according to your instructions. We also stress the importance of the fact that you CAN’T, under any circumstances, use our final product as your own work – the papers, which we provide, are to be used for research purposes only!