Tourism… When we talk about tourism we mean a kind of trip. A desirable trip that helps you discover new countries, learn more about different cultures or just gives you an opportunity to have rest.
When students get an assignment to write tourism dissertations, they should go through a certain chain of tasks.
First of all, it is necessary to create a tourism dissertation outline. It will help organize your dissertation writing process. When you have an outline of your tourism dissertation in front of you, the process of writing a tourism dissertation seems easier.
The next step you should take is to start gathering information. Try to find as many literature sources for your tourism dissertation as possible. You can find some books or magazines, which describe tourism in general. If you want to touch upon one specific country in your tourism dissertations, you should better find more information about this country, its culture, its people, and its habits.
It is possible to make a research in cooperation with different tourist companies or organizations. They can give you up-to-date information you can use in your tourism dissertation. You can even go on a trip in order to create a tourism dissertation (only if this trip does not influence your studying).
When you gathered enough information for your tourism dissertation, you should start writing. Your tourism dissertation should include several parts:

  • Abstract, where you briefly describe your complete work and explain the choice of this topic;
  • Introduction, where you prove the importance of your tourism dissertation and state the main problems, which you want to disclose;
  • Literature review, where you write and describe all sources you have used in order to create this tourism dissertation;
  • Main body, where you make a description of your research, mention all methods used and add theoretical data;
  • Conclusion, where all your results are pointed out. You give the answers to the questions, which you state in your tourism dissertation introduction;

Take all this information into consideration and let success attends you!
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