The crew of “In Love with Dissertation Writing” radio spent several sleepless nights trying to figure out what is more interesting: to tell about a new recipe of a great chocolate pudding, or to talk about ideas on writing a dissertation introduction. We decided that cooking is more fun, but then came our chief editor and said that we are crazy lunatics, and that he pays us to give advice on dissertation writing. So off we go….
A dissertation introduction in a dissertation begins from the main problem. It means that you do not need to write any hook sentences. It is better to start from the issue itself. The reason for such a beginning is simple. A dissertation has to be significant, and the significance in its turn has to be obvious from the very beginning, meaning from your question. But hey, at least in one type of academic paper you can sigh with relief – no need to demonstrate creativity, geniality, originality, and ability to invent, yay!
What you need to do in dissertation introduction, however, is demonstrate your competence and research skills. You also have to stress your professional domain and the ability to present findings.
If you are scratching your head and thinking of what is more to add to a splendid and beautiful introduction, add motivations! But they shouldn’t sound like this: if I lose 10 more pounds, that cutie will ask me out. That’s a pretty useless motivation for dissertation introduction writing, as to me. Focus on your topic and prove that the point you are to prove or the answer to the question you are to find is the only way out in a situation that bothers a lot of researchers.
Finally, the last part of Introduction is the discussion. Your goal is to explain the positions of the previous researchers on the topic, the materials you used, and case studies.
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