A thesis statement is not as narrow as dissertation writing can get. Any thesis statement is based on a hypothesis – a suggested explanation for a phenomenon or of a reasoned proposal suggesting a possible correlation between multiple phenomena. Here is what you need to know to write a good hypothesis.

1. Writing a Hypothesis. Basic Information

The hypothesis is a reasonable scientific proposal. It is not a statement of fact, but a statement that takes us beyond the known facts and logically anticipates the substance of new knowledge.
General guidelines:
– your hypothesis has to be based on the known facts; therefore, conduct thorough researches before writing;
– prove that your hypothesis is testable by making experiments to prove your theories;
– each separate experiment has to have its own hypothesis;
– a single hypothesis has to unite all the sub-hypotheses;
– your general hypothesis can be included in the summary at the beginning of your thesis.
Our tips on writing a hypothesis:

  • Sometimes it takes several tries to write a good general hypothesis. The best one may come after diving even more into the topic.

2. Writing a Hypothesis. Types of Hypotheses

Depending on the type and purpose of assignment, your hypothesis may come in different shapes.
General guidelines:
– Casual relationship – an assertion of causation. For example, if a particular independent variable changes, then a certain dependent variable also changes. This formulation, also known as an “If and Then” statement, applies whether or not a proposition asserts a direct cause-and-effect relationship.
– Possible correlation is stating that “A is related to B”. In this case, quite commonly intervening variables become involved, possibly giving rise to the appearance of a direct cause-and-effect relationship.
– Statistics features a rather more general concept of a hypothesis: this involves making assertions about the probability distributions or likelihoods of events.
Our tips on writing a hypothesis:

  • Be sure to contact your supervisor when preparing to write a hypothesis. Otherwise, your may end up with false statements.

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