Analysis or critique of research papers is a task that teachers assign from time to time and that can actually teach you many useful things. Particularly, making a research paper critique is the most effective way to learn all the essentials, common mistakes, and some secrets of writing research papers.
However, first you need to learn how to critique research papers correctly. You cannot just read a paper and tell at the end “Well, this paper was good” or “Not a bad job”. You are supposed to make an analysis of every research paper section, particular elements, evaluate the overall effectiveness of the work.
Thus, let us explain what exactly you will have to do to critique a research paper.
How to critique research papers: step 1
Start with reading a paper. Read it carefully from the beginning till the end, get its main idea, and think of your first impression.
How to critique research papers: step 2
Now, read its introduction once again. You should pay attention to the following components in the introduction:

  • Clear presentation of a topic;
  • Enough background information;
  • Reasons why the topic is worth investigating;
  • A thesis statement.

How to critique research papers: step 3
Read the body paragraphs of the paper. Things that you need to critique in this part include the following:

  • Discussion of one specific idea in each paragraph;
  • Proper argumentation and support of the author’s assertions;
  • Necessary transitions between paragraphs that make the paper sound logical.

How to critique research papers: step 4
Read the last paragraph. Does the author present findings clearly? Can you understand from this last paragraph whether the topic requires further investigation?
How to critique research papers: step 5
Now, you can get down to various aspects of the paper. Check research paper citation. Make sure that all citations, which appear in the main text, are mentioned in the list of references. Check grammar, punctuation. Provide your general recommendations; share your ideas as to the work.

Research paper is not the most difficult academic assignment; and still, it does take a lot of time!
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